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11 Festival Essentials for Kids


Image via @CarlaJMellor featuring the Adventurer Bucket Hat in Lilac 

With something for everyone, from little ones to adults, to enjoy, a festival is a great weekend getaway for the whole family. And one of the best parts of festivals is seeing everyones amazing outfits: think glitter, bright colours, and more is more! 

So we've put together some of our favourite children's wear and essentials for the perfect festival looks!  

If you're looking for a festival that's family friendly this year, check out our blog post for a round up the UK's best festivals in 2022 for you and little ones! 

1. Let Us Pretend Personalised Hero Cape

Sequin capes and ponchos are a great way of adding festival flair to any outfit, and these capes from Let Us Pretend are sure to be a showstopper! The nature of capes also means they're not as easy to grow out of, so they can be reused the next year for even more fun! 

2. SMiLE LED Lantern via Hus & Hem

Cute and useful (title of my autobiography!), this camping lamp can help you find your way into your sleeping bags once the sun goes down! It also features a hook so it can be handily hung from the tent poles. 

3. The Animals Observatory Colt Trousers via MyTheresa

These trousers from The Animals Observatory have a hint of glam rock to them, and we think they're perfect for festival wear! Team with a band tee for ultimate cool kid status. 

4. Meri Meri Temporary Flower Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are easy to apply, take up very little room in your bag, and are safe for little ones to wear! Meri Meri do a great range, including these 60s inspired flower power tattoos. 

5. Neon Magic Wand from Sparkle Child

It can't magic the tent up in 5 seconds, it can't magic the queue for the loos away,  but it... looks extremely cool and glittery! Sequin wands go perfectly with a sequin cape to create the sparkliest look imaginable! 

6. Little Poms Peach Pom Pom Tutu 

We can't get enough of this uber cool and colourful pom pom tutu! It's the perfect skirt for spinning in, twirling in, pulling shapes on the dance floor... well you get the idea! And an elasticated waist means it's light and comfortable all day.


7. Alpine Earmuffy Kids Ear Defenders

Festivals are naturally a place where loud music is pretty much guaranteed, and ear defenders are a great idea to protect kids hearing and help when feeling overwhelmed. These ear defenders can block up to 25 decibels and are also extremely cute! 


8. Stella McCartney The Beatles Get Back T-Shirt 

Stella McCartney's bold and bright kids wear is a natural addition to a little ones festival wardrobe, and we love this homage to her Dad! It's also a bit of a spin on a classic band tee, but any band tee is always a festival fashion hit! 

9. Tretorn Luna Hybrid Boots


The Tretorn Hybrid features a coarse rubber sole for stability, and a neoprene inside for waterproofing, making it a great festival boot that's also comfortable! An ankle length boot can also be a bit more comfortable, and much easier to get on and off!



10. The Cub Hat with Neck Flap in Banana Split 

Sun safety in the festival sun is so important, even when cloudy it's important to protect against the sun- and the Cub Hat features a neck flap to protect all day long! It also features UPF 50 and an inbuilt mosquito repellent, perfect for summer evenings. 


Yellow kids wellies with a pink hat perched on top in front of a tent

11. The Spotty Otter Forest Wellies

Spotty Otter wellies are the perfect addition for any family festival especially if going for more than a day. Great for keeping little feet dry if the ground is damp and warm for the cooler evening music shows.

What are your festival essentials for the kids? Don't forget to tag us on social media and show us all your festival fun this summer! 

Author Emma Watson founder of Little Hotdog Watson

Little Hotdog Watson is a kidswear brand with a difference. We make kids hats unlike any other by combining style + innovation. Our sun hats offer triple protection from UV, Mosquitoes and Overheating, while our winter hats are water resistant, reflective and extra cosy. Take a look at our hats here.


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