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10 Messy Mud Games They'll Love

Not sure what to do with the kids when the heat drops and it’s wet outside? Our suggestion: get out in the rain and mud and let them get messy! Here are 10 messy mud games they’ll love:

Overalls from Muddy Puddles

Build a mud castle

Buckets and spades at the ready. This activity is just as it sounds, instead of making castles in the sand, find a big patch of mud and let them dig and build to their heart's content.

Muddy puddles

Fab puddle-ready boots from Hunter Kids

How many times do you have to steer your Little Hotdog away from a puddle because they’ll get their feet soaked on the way somewhere? Now's the time to dress them up in old clothes and wellies and let them splish and splash for the thrill of it!

Mud brick building

Pick up a couple of cheap ice trays for the garden and encourage your mini architects to create little building bricks out of mud and build their own tiny buildings topped with a stick roof.

Bricks and mortar

If they love the idea of building, how about letting them use real bricks and a big bucket of mud as mortar. Even better if you can find them have a real trowel, overalls and a builders hardhat, they’ll be thrilled to feel like the real deal.

Mud painting

Help them get creative outdoors with mud painting. Take some old paint brushes and sponges and give them a big piece of paper or a canvas to make messy works of art. If you don’t have big paper or canvas to hand (and you’re feeling particularly brave), you could allow them to paint mud pictures on a patio or concrete space and then get them to help you clean it off with the garden hose after.

Mud sculptures 

Another fun creative idea, get them crafting mud sculptures. Shape mud structures and add natural elements to add character. Sticks, stones, petals, conkers, grass - whatever they can get their hands on.

Muddy car wash

Let them take their toy cars and trucks outdoors and off roads - along mud tracks, through flower bed forests and into puddle swamps. Afterwards, extend the game by giving them a bucket of soapy water to do a car wash.

Amazing mud kitchen from Norfolk Mud Kitchens 

Dirt soup

When they’re old enough to know not to taste their concoctions, try dirt soup. All they’ll need is mud, water, bowls, spoons and their own imagination. Get ready for the delight they try to serve you...

Mud ice cream factory

A mud ice cream factory would also be fun! Bowls, scoops, maybe even real ice cream cones, and they’ll be away. Give them a couple of ideas on what they could use as sprinkles - flower petals, seeds, rocks - and then watch as they find their own interesting ingredients.

Treasure hunting

Kids love uncovering hidden treasure. All you need for this one is a few plastic toys that can be easily cleaned and a patch of mud that’s deep enough to hide them in.
Want to keep them dry in all this mud play? We also love these amazing colour changing raincoats from SquidKids!
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