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20 Ways to Spend More Time Outdoors as a Family

Want to get the kids outdoors more but not sure where to start? Here are 20 ideas to try as a family. Goodbye screen time and Hello fresh air! 

Go on a mindfulness walk

If you want to get them outdoors more, how about getting out with no more of a plan than to enjoy it. Take in the scenery, stop and smell the roses, listen to bird song as you wander and see things you often whizz by. 

Go colour, shape or bug hunting

Make a super simple treasure hunt by printing out a sheet of different colour patches (or using pens) and then take a family challenge to see which natural items you can find that match. Or pick a shape and see how many places the shape is found outside!  

Bug hunting always goes down well too. Take a jam jar with leaves inside if you want hold them to take a closer look.  

Child Collecting Nature Items in Jar

Go nature collecting and then make a collage

To further engage with nature around you, take a basket or bag and go on a nature collecting hunt. Look for different leaves, spot unusual textures, pick up grass clippings – then bring them all back home and see what pictures you can make with a simple collage on paper. 

Get crafty outdoors 

Take their pens and paper outdoors, do a watercolour painting in the courtyard, try nature rubbings – if it’s not too breezy, anything messy you’d usually save for the kitchen table can be done out in the fresh air too.  

For older children, why not invite them to do their homework out in the sunshine with a nice cold milkshake and some snacks! 

Paint and hide rocks

Painting and hiding rocks is on trend across the country! Pick up a bag of pebbles from Hobbycraft and paint or decorate with sharpies. Let their imagination go wild. When done you can either keep and play with (like story stones), hide around your own garden or take out to hide locally.  

Go geocaching 

Download the Geocaching App and use your phone to find hidden checkpoint across your region. It’s like a treasure hunt for kids and grown-ups alike. 

Hat: Pioneer Pineapple Punch

Hit the beach

Beach trips aren’t just for the summer holidays. Take a trip and enjoy what the seaside has to offer all year round. The crashing waves, making footprints on the sand… a walk down the pier.  

Brave the rain 

If you think the kids can handle getting soggy, put on your wet weather gear and get out to in the rain! Just pack the towels in case it turns cold and someone needs a snuggle dry. 

Play as a family  

Get outside and be silly together with our list of ideas you can play with your kids! 

Eat al fresco 

Summer is made for BBQs but you don’t need to get the barbie out for a reason to eat together outdoors. Have fish & chips in the garden, take snack time at the playground or even do breakfast in the early morning sun! Whatever opportunity you can find, take it. 

Kids love picnics too, and the best bit is they don’t have to be complicated. Pack their favourite sandwich, some fruit and a yummy drink and you’re good to go with little prep.  

Kid in Bundle Beds Camping Sleeping Bag

Pic Credit: Bundle Beds

Go camping 

Camping holidays are a favourite way to bond outdoors at Little Hotdog Watson HQ. Read our blog on what to pack on a camping trip to save on stress and maximise on fun! 

Get out the chalks 

Ah chalks on the pavement, it’s a classic childhood game. Play games together or just sit back and watch as they use their creativity. 

Have a family car wash 

Does the car need a scrub? Don’t do it on your own! Get the kids involved and have a laugh as you get soapy (and soggy) in the sunshine. 

Go for an evening walk 

Enjoy the longer evenings together as a family and get out in the Fresh Air after dinner. Bonus points if it’s following a delicious pub lunch. 

Child rolling down grass hill

Pic Credit:

Find a hill and roll! 

If you’re feeling flexible, get down to their level and enjoy the simple joys of rolling down a hill. Guaranteed giggles! 

Play with sticks 

Wand, sword, walking stick – see who can come up with the most unusual props.

Let them lead the way into their imagination 

If you’re used to sitting back and letting them do their own thing, try letting them boss you around at the playground or having them lead the way on your country walk. 

Play potion making (other water activities) 

Water + bowls + leaves and flowers = hours of fun. For other water activities see our blog post here.  

Child watering flowerbeds in the garden

Pic Credit:

Get gardening! 

Give the gift of responsibility in the garden with their own gardening tools. They’ll love being in charge and you might even make faster progress on the weeds (key word being ‘might). 

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Are you excited about trying out some of these ideas? Share this article on your social media, or WhatsApp to a friend to share the love and bring families together outdoors! 

Hat: Cub Banana Split

Don’t forget to keep little heads protected from the elements as you adventure. Browse our kids hats here. 


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