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Guide to Little Hotdog Watson's new collection: PARKLife

Introducing Little Hotdog Watson's new Autumn Winter 22 collection 'PARKLife'

Little Hotdog Watson Parklife Video

This collection is inspired by 90s Britpop and the youthful energy of the of the 1990s. It's a call to the streets, to get back out into the fresh air. To remind us parents that even when things feel challenging their is still a time for optimism.

We also introduce the softest most gorgeous faux fur scarfs. Pair together with our hats or wear on their own.

A quick summary of the new collection

1. Two new hats

2. Five new scarfs

3. Two new adult hats.

4. All your favourite winter hats back in stock.


I hope you find something you really love + it brings you the same winter optimism it brought us designing for your families.

If you’re new round here I’ve also included our top 5 reasons why our hats are so special and worth the investment.

 Four children in a street holding hands wearing winter hats

Parklife Collection

5 Reasons Why LHW hats are so special

1. The Innovative Tech

Each winter hat is created to make getting outside as easy and as protected as possible. 

Each hat is lined with thinsulate and jersey to provide extra warmth without the heaviness kids hate.

Each hat has a reflective trim to make being seen in the darker mornings and evening easier.

Each hat has a finish that is water resistant for all the wonderful winter weather.

Made to make sure that your little one is safe in the winter.

2. Design Ethos

Our hats are made for kids, inspired by kids. We do not separate our design for girls or boys.  Our prints are all designed in-house. Meaning quite literally in our house. Developing our own ideas, using H & F drawing inspo I work with my friend Emma to create something unique.

Why, is that so important? Because we continue to live in a world jam packed full of gendered design. Because companies continue to buy what has previously sold and most brands buy ‘off the shelf’ meaning they go to fair pick a fabric and roll it out. It’s why so many kids things have looked the same for years.

Change only comes when unique design gets through and that’s what we do.

3. The Mill

Making good quality fabric is one thing, making it in the correct way is another.

The mill we use is based in Shanghai its USP is its approach to manufacture. Run on 75% solar energy it also re-uses all of it’s water. It also disperses of all dyes and waste following correct environmental procedures.

They are experts in printing. Dyes that create depth of colour, that last and perform when washed. A crisp line, no bleeding that gives definition to the prints, the difference between something made slowly and having time on it.

4. One for All

We don’t label any of our designs. We make kids hats and we stick with this. Even though it would make us appear higher in internet searches. We simply make hats. Kids should be able to choose what they want to wear and have fun without feeling like a product isn’t for them. It’s why (with permission) we use customer and real-life pictures wherever possible. There is enough time for labels later.


5. Made for Longevity

What does that mean.  Carefully designed to consider the wear and tear of being a kid. No cutting corners on hacks to make production quicker. Seams that are properly finished and with enough fabric. Tested for their performance not just in a test house but out in the real world. Robust enough to be squidged into a bag, dropped in a puddle and run over by a buggy and still wash and look as good as new ready to be handed down to the next generation.


6. They look great!

Important to mention this, it's not just about a hat that performs, kids have to love what they wear too. And kids love our hats.


 Little Hotdog Watson camo hat and pink scarf

Parklife Collection

Child wearing blue scarf and cinnamon and blue winter trapper hat


Shop the FULL Parklife Collection


Emma Watson and her two children smiling into the camera

Author Emma Watson founder of Little Hotdog Watson

Little Hotdog Watson is a kidswear brand with a difference. We make kids hats unlike any other by combining style + innovation. Our sun hats offer triple protection from UV, Mosquitoes and Overheating, while our winter hats are water resistant, reflective and extra cosy. Take a look at our hats here.


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