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Fashion Bytes with...Erna Leon

Fashionbytes is our monthly interview with a parent whose style we love!! I first met Erna briefly at a Mothers Meeting, the next time I saw her she was dressed in a backless jumpsuit, at a party for the Outnet laughing ferociously. I knew we we were going to be friends straight away. She's the mama of two with the most stylish instagram account in town. So we quizzed her on all her fashion faves... 


Hello Erna, tell us a bit about yourself…

I am Armenian born in Georgia, New Yorker turned Londoner and a mother-in-chief of two little ones.
My background is fashion design and fine arts. Due to lack of flexible working for mothers, I started my own online womenswear website called MERCER7 - it is still in the works and currently looks like a blog, but I am planning on launching it soon. 

MERCER7 will cater for busy people who like effortless style and want to shop edited down collections from high street to luxury all in one place. We take a "less is more" approach to dressing so you will find a lot of versatile (day to night) wardrobe staples and investment pieces. 

What three words sum up your style?

I'd like to think of it as simple, effortless and rock'n'roll.

Which fashion rule do you love to break?

Mixing silver and gold every now and then.

What are your key wardrobe staples and where are they from?

It's gotta be my converse trainers, studded biker leather jacket that I designed when I worked for Firetrap, Acne snakeskin print shirt and Sandro tuxedo blazer.

Of all time whose style do you admire the most and why?

I've got a long list of favourites from Jane Birkin to Kate Moss and Mick Jagger but if I had to choose someone who's wardrobe I'd love to get my hands on right here right now - it's got to be Caroline De Maigret.

What brands/products did you rely on when you were pregnant?

I didn't buy any maternity wear, I wore my Acne shirt and a few All Saints pieces I already owned as both were oversized and fitted perfectly over my bump. I got River Island leather leggings that I wore religiously almost everyday in the colder months. I don't think it's necessary to invest in maternity wear - just get clothes you would normally wear and go a couple of sizes bigger - that way you can still wear these pieces after baby is born.

Has your style changed since becoming a parent?

Yes! I used to wear dresses and heels most of the time, and now I pretty much only wear separates with trainers or low heel ankle boots

Lets talk shopping habits…where are your top picks for shopping (online and real life)

If I have limited time for shopping - I just head over to Selfridges as they've got most brands covered from high street to luxury. 

And online, I love and

Whose your favourite designer and why?

Hard to pick just one as it changes from season to season depending on collections. 
I would say Isabel Marant because she designs wearable clothes for an effortless cool style and everyday dressing which I love. But I also have always admired Saint Laurent, Celine, Chloe, Givenchy and Anthonio Vaccarello.

What are your top tips for getting ready in a hurry for the school run and still looking ‘together’?

Anything paired with either a leather jacket or a slightly oversized blazer looks good! 

Fill in the blanks:

For the next year you can only drink water and… Coffee

If you can only shop in one place for the rest of your life it has to be…Liberty London, it is my favourite store.

I always invest the most money on…Outerwear and shoes

My most ridiculous purchase ever was…Burberry winter coat 

If I could trade places with anyone for 30 days it would be…I don't think I'd survive not seeing my kids for that long so I think I'd rather not swap with anyone but if I had to - it would probably be Anine Bing, we are similar in age (I think) and she is also a mother and a very successful business woman - I would want to learn how she manages to juggle it all! 

My favourite outfit ever is...I've got 2.

1) Biker jacket with oversized shirt, jeans and ankle boots.
2) Leather trousers with trainers, paired with an oversized blazer

Quick fire favourites:

Shoe brand - I have been lusting over studded Chloe boots for a few years now.
Lipstick colour - Red
Jeans brand - Current Elliott and Acne

If you would like to know more about Erna please go to

Would love to know what you think and whose fashion style you want to hear more about next. Let me know and comment below


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