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Fresh Air Stories - Amy Walker

The Fresh Air Stories are a series of interviews talking openly about how we can get our kids outside more and show that there isn’t one ‘perfect’ way to do it. First up is Amy Walker.

Parents and Child in the snow wearing hats

Hat: Arctic Cub Banana Split

Tell us a little about you and your family?

I’m Amy, I’m 32. I have a son Lennie who is 6 and are lucky enough to live in Dawlish on the South Devon Coast. We live with my partner Pete and our two cats Rosie and Jeffery. I work as Design Manager for the baby sleep brand The Gro Company, creating all prints and direction for the textile collections.

Why is getting outside into the Fresh Air important to you?

Being outdoors is so important, fresh air is so important. Sadly kids would rather sit on an ipad if you let them, which breaks my heart. So being out and active makes us appreciate everything around us that’s real and free! I get fidgety if I’m in the house for more than a day, I hate being indoors for too long. Even if it's a rainy Sunday and we’ve been indoors, we will always squeeze in a wet walk before we tuck into our roast! We have the sea half a mile in front of us and fields to the rear, we’d be stupid not too.

Child in the snow wearing kids hat

Hat: Arctic Cub Banana Split

Family life is busy how do you build in time for getting outside?

After busy Mondays-Fridays of school runs, 9-5’s, squishing in the gym, rushed dinners, homework and bedtime routines; it’s nice to take the weekends slow and enjoy the area we live in. We will do one big walk most weekends and general pottering locally, we never plan as its on our doorstep. I do however like to plan my holidays for the year as early as possible, it’s the one thing I don’t begrudge spending money on. Our holidays don’t consist of too much lying by the pool, as is impossible with a kid. We went to Iceland over winter a couple of years back, it was magical and the first time Lennie had really experienced snow. Certainly one to remember.

Child kayaking

Hat: Adventurer Panda Pop

What are your favourite things to do outside as a family?

I’m a little obsessed with Kayaking! We discovered it a couple of summers ago and my favourite spot is Ansteys Cove near Torquay - it’s a gorgeous unspoilt little spot, I always take friends and family there for a day out. If we’re every down in Cornwall we always attempt a surf, I’m an absolute knee surfer but Pete is pretty good! I’d love to go to Morocco to Amayour Surf - its been on the list for a little while now.

Surfing on the sea

Little Hotdog Watson is all about getting away from the screen and showing your kids the world...where is the one place you’ve been that you would really like to show to your children and why?

I am desperate to take Lennie to India. I spent time there as a child and also on work trips as an adult. The cultural differences, the smells, the colours, everything about it is wonderful and I can only imagine spectacular through a child’s eyes. But first we must do Disney World as Grandad is desperate to relive it again asap.

Child wearing Little Hotdog Watson Trailblazer leopard and camouflage hat

Hat: Trailblazer

Fresh Air means to my family…. Everything. Its brings peace, joy and gorgeous memories

Little Hotdog Watson means to my family…. Happiness. Most of my favourite photos are captured with Lennie in LHW…. as you can see. Thanks Emma for making such wonderful products.

Hat: Adventurer Panda Pop

To follow Amy and Lennie check out their instagram @this_modern_family


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