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Ultimate Street Party Guide!

Street parties are a great way to get people together and to get to know people in your neighbourhood!

In the UK, anything in your driveway or front garden does not need to be notified to the council, but for anything bigger than that be sure to check legislation from your local council. 

Here are eight tips to help you throw a brilliant street party, and some great activities that children aged 2 and up can get involved with! 


the adventurer bucket hat

The Adventurer Bucket Hat: Multi Colour

1. Stay Safe: Make sure you stay safe in the sun: keep SPF on hand for guests to reapply, and put a hat on little ones to protect them from UV rays! 

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2. Make the food part of the day. A cake decorating station can be set up with home made or store bought cupcakes, icing and sweets: children of all ages can get involved, and you could even have a prize for the winner! 

wooden spoon and decorated egg

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3. Get active. A good old fashioned sports day activities are easy to set up, require minimum equipment and are suitable for a variety of ages. Try an egg and spoon race, a sack race or make a limbo bar from a washing line!  Or even hopscotch.


paper chains hanging from tree


4. Get creative. Signs and decorations can be a fun activity leading up to your street party, and is a great way of involving the little ones. Kids can create signs welcoming guests to the party with an a3 sheet of paper and some poster paints. Or how about posters to let people know about the party and what to bring.

5. Sustainable decorations. Bunting can be made from string and old wrapping paper, or make paper chains! For paper chains, cut out strips of paper around 15 centimetres by 2.5 centimetres. Loop the strip and secure with glue. Then link the next strip through the first loop, and secure with glue. Repeat until you have a fabulous garland. Or ask for fabric donations, old shirts or duvet covers and use for fabric bunting. It's a great community activity so everyone can join in.

children's clothes on hangers


6. Community Support. You could create a swap shop, where guests can leave children’s clothes, toys and books that are no longer needed. Not only does reusing and donating reduce clutter and help the environment, but it could help out those around you.

picnic table with gingham tablecloth


7. Tidy Time. If you can, look to use reusable plates and cups to cut down on waste. When the fun is over, get everyone to help with the clear up to keep your neighbourhood looking its best. Bring in extra bins and add clear signs for recycling so everyone can tidy as they go.

reading den with fairy lights and cushions

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8. Cosy Corners. Creating a calm area with sensory activities is beneficial for a range of guests that might need five minutes away from the party. For little ones you could use a tent with cushions, blankets and fairy lights- or dedicate a little area inside to being a quiet zone for people to sit down and relax. 


Are you throwing a street or garden party this summer? Tag us on social media and show us, or message us and tell us all about it! 

Emma, a white woman and her young children, smiling in patterned hats

Author Emma Watson founder of Little Hotdog Watson

Little Hotdog Watson is a kidswear brand with a difference. We make kids hats unlike any other by combining style + innovation. Our sun hats offer triple protection from UV, Mosquitoes and Overheating, while our winter hats are water resistant, reflective and extra cosy. Take a look at our hats here.


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