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Livraison gratuite au Royaume-Uni

I'm Not John

Did you know that of all entrepreneurs in the UK only 20% are women?  Or, that there are more men called John on the board of FTSE 100 companies than women?

I learnt these two gobsmacking facts last Friday at the Digieveolution Conference, for the Business Growth Hub, in Manchester.

Run over the course of a week the conference is designed to bring together women in business. Combining workshops, motivational speakers and hands on advice in an amazing space, the Studio.

I was there with Andy talking about Little Hotdog Watson and our journey through branding and building a business in the first year. 

Despite us all being super nervous I think it went well. We also showed the new range of hats which got everyone talking.

The conference was designed to inspire, support and connect women across all business areas. It really did just that. It was fantastic to meet so many amazing women and hear about their businesses and the different stages they are.

It made me really think about how we must support each other in the work environment. If you know of any other good events like this please share below in the comments.



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