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How to wash

You've invested in a beautiful hat, that has been designed to last and pass on for new adventures when you outgrow it.

Below is Little Hotdog Watson's guide to caring for your hat, keeping it looking gorgeous for every adventure no matter how muddy or messy your little one gets.


3 Tips for cleaning your hat

1. Small Marks - grab a damp cloth or sponge and give your hat a wipe. 


2. Full on fallen in a muddy puddle - pop in the washing machine at 30 degrees.


3. Never tumble dry a hat. Hats are made up of lots of smaller components that create the 3 Dimensional shape. Tumble drying can warp these, so never tumble dry.


How to machine wash a hat

3 Easy steps

1. Ideally use a non-biological or gentle washing powder. Hats are (obviously worn on the head) so it's always great to wash with sensitive liquid or powder.


2. If your hat has velcro close the tabs. This will prevent velcro sticking to any other items in your machine.


3. Select a 30 degree setting. Opt for an accessories or delicate setting on your machine. This will give a less rigorous wash than a cotton cycle and is perfect for hats.


How to dry a hat

So how can you dry a hat with out using a tumble dryer? 

Firstly, remove your hat from the washing machine, squeeze out any excess water.

Next give your hat a shake, yes really! This will help to bring back the hat shape post washing.


Line Drying; Using two pegs clip hat to the line either by the velcro straps or on the back edge of a rim.


Bannister Drying; our secret tip. The end of a stair bannister is perfect head shaped for drying hats. 


Don't have a line or bannister? A drying rack or end of a radiator works just as well. 


How to Clean a Hat on a Beach Holidays

While Little Hotdog Watson sun hats are designed and tested for lots of adventures they aren't performance swimming hats.

If you've chosen to wear your sun hats in a swimming pool or the sea  it's really important that hats are rinsed in cold water after use.

Dry in the same way as above.


How not to clean a hat

Metallic fabrics should never be machine washed.

Please clean Little Hotdog Watson metallic hats by wiping with a damp cloth.

Never tumble dry a hat. It can cause the hat to lose it's shape.


How to extend the life of your hat

Washing and drying correctly plus hanging up your hat on a peg will help keep your hat looking it's best. 

Need any other help, just shout. We are always happy to help.

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