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Brilliant Beach Activities to Keep Them Busy

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Heading to the beach this summer? There’s nothing quite like a sandy day beneath the sunshine. Digging holes, building sand castles, and watching gleeful faces as the waves tickle their toes! Here are some other brilliant beach activities for hours of fun by the seaside:

Spell words in the sand

Grab a spade or a pebble to write shapes, letters and words in the sand. What child doesn’t love seeing their name in large for all to see?

Set up a baby safe paddling pool

If your Little Hotdog isn’t quite ready to splash in the waves, why not take a mini inflatable pool with you and fill with water so they can have a splash in safety? You could also swap water for cushions and blankets for a cosy beach nest they can roll about in.

Have a beach scavenger hunt

Grab a pen and paper, look around the beach and create a scavenger hunt of items your Hotdogs can spot. Things might include: a beach chair, a ball, a pier, seaweed…etc

Collect pebbles to paint

Have you ever tried pebble painting? Smooth beach stones provide a lovely canvas for miniature artworks for the garden or little characters for storytelling. Pack a bucket or bag to collect as many as you can.

Play ‘Pebbles & Shells’

Take a beachy twist on classic kid’s game ‘noughts & crosses’ by writing in the sand and (use guessed it) using pebbles and shells as markers.

Take your water pistols

Water fights aren’t just for the back garden. Take your water pistols and let the games begin!

Make a sand city

Don’t stop at one sandcastle. Make a whole sand city! Get creative by lining up sandcastles and adding other details like roads and gardens. You could even pack a bag of toy cards and figures to add and play with for once your city is complete.

Little Hotdog Watson talk about the perfect beach activities

Pic: @donnashayler Shop our Banana Split Cub 

 Build a moat

Digging a big beach hole is pretty much a seaside necessity! Why not create a moat around your sandcastle city and run back and forth to fill it with buckets of sea water?

Have a bucket filling race

For this one you’ll need: 2 plastic cups, 2 buckets and lots of energy! Set down the buckets a good distance away from the waves, then race back and forth filling them with sea water. The winner is the Hotdog to fill their bucket first. Great for kid vs. parent fun.

Create a sand family

Get your kids to lie down on the sand and draw their silhouette with a spade or stick. Then get them to do the same to you! Add details with stones, seaweed, and any other natural beach debris you can find.

Feed the sharks

Grab that spade again and draw shark shapes in the sand. Make some bigger and some smaller. Now your Hotdogs can use these as targets for beanbags or pebbles.

Become mermaids

Sit down on the beach and cover your legs and feet with sand. Then get another member of the family to carefully craft the sand into your very own mermaid tail.

Bring your art supplies

There’s so much to see at the seaside. Get your kids to really think about all the interesting sights around them and challenge them to a spot of landscape drawing or collage making. Set their art supplies out just as you would at home and let them experience what it’s like to create in the fresh air.


What is your favourite thing to do with the kids on the beach? Leave a comment, we’d love to find out.


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