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Capsule Dressing for Kids

There are always three big questions when capsule wardrobe dressing for kids.

1. What's the Point in Creating a Capsule Wardrobe for Kids?

Ultimately, it save times + £. Think about it, if all of the colours you choose go together, you can let the kids pick what they want to wear and it’s always looks co-ordinated, saving time. Not only that with all the choice for kidswear it makes choosing easier + quicker. In terms of saving money shopping like this can be a game changer. Sticking to the colours of the capsule, mean you can easily swap clothes, accessories in or out as they grow out of them and you never get those things in the wardrobe that don’t get worn. 

2. Is it Hard?

No, that’s the beauty of it. The principal is to choose 2 or 3 main colours and a pop (highlight) colour. In the example from @pasteque_retro they use Black and White as their main colour and Yellow as a pop. It doesn’t matter that there are little hints of red or the Gold is being used as a ‘yellow’ the colours are cohesive. You can do this with any colour group you want. Main colours could be Blue, Pink,White and pop colour could be black. Then when you shop you just look for those colours.

3. Isn't it Boring?

Well, not really. You can make it as exciting as you like by what you choose. You can even add in quick changes such as keep the main colours and just update the highlight colour each year. Capsule dressing doesn’t need to be boring or beige. In fact you can do it with patterns. For example main colours could be Leopard Print, Orange, Navy and a highlight could be silver.

Pics: @pasteque_retro Hats: Gold Adventurer, Cub Panda Baseball with Neck Flap & Scout Sunglasses

Products shown include a mix of indie and Japanese brands. While these are more premium brands the principals are based on colour matching so can be applied to any brands regardless of price.

Do you do this? Or fancy giving it a go? Let us know how you get on.

Author: Emma Watson is the owner of Little Hotdog Watson

Little Hotdog Watson is a kidswear brand with a difference. We make kids hats unlike any other by combining style + innovation. Our sun hats offer triple protection from UV, Mosquitoes and Overheating, while our winter hats are water resistant, reflective and extra cosy. Take a look at our hats here.

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