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How To Choose The Right Sun Protection for Your Child

We want you to make the most of the sunshine without having to worry about their sensitive skin, at home and abroad. Read on for our top tips on choosing the right sun protection for your child: 

Choosing the right children’s sunscreen

  • When choosing a sun cream, always opt for a high factor sunscreen with a trusted reputation. Look for a sunscreen which protects from both UVA and UVB rays, such as the Boots Soltan SPF 50+ range which has an excellent reputation.
  • Putting a factor 20 sunscreen on top of a factor 30 sunscreen will not add up to SPF50 – you are only covered by the highest factor number you have added. 
  • For babies under 6 months old, try to avoid needing sunscreen at all by keeping them out of the sun and using a hat, sunglasses and clothing that provides full cover.  
  • Sun creams and lotions are more reliable when it comes to application, as you can’t be sure you’re getting full coverage with a spray.  
  • Even when using a waterproof sunscreen, reapply at least every couple of hours or after your child has been swimming, in the paddling pool or in the sea.  
  • You always need more sunscreen than you think... Most people only put on half the amount they actually need. Adults require at least a shot glass worth to cover their whole body. 


Choosing the right kid’s clothes for hot, sunny days

  • Avoid overheating by dressing your child in light coloured, breathable clothing. This reduces the absorption of the sun rays and helps your child sweat (the body’s natural way of cooling down).  
  • Opt for 100% natural fibres like cotton or linen, which allow the skin to breathe and keep cool most easily. 
  • Look out for clothing labelled with a sign for UVA and UVB protection. This signals the use of tight weave fabrics which make it harder for UVA and UVB rays to reach the skin. Don’t presume that because skin is covered protection is guaranteed unless a garment is labelled as providing sun protection. 

Little Hotdog Watson Kids Panda Print Scout Sunglasses

Sunglasses: Scout Panda Pop

    Choosing the right children’s sunglasses 

    • Eyes can get sun burnt too and young eyes are much more vulnerable than adults. Keep little eyes protected from the sun with high-quality glasses that have been developed to provide maximum UV protection. Cheap Highstreet sunglasses don’t always offer maximum protection.
    • Our Panda Pop Scout sunglasses have super strong anti-scratch UV400 lenses and anti-glare technology to ensure comfort and long-term protection for adventures in the sun. They are Category 3 certified, CE tested and made with super strong, ultra-flexible arms to withstand child’s play. They’re stylish too!

    Choosing the right children’s swimwear 

    • Swimwear should also be chosen for its sun protection. Look out for UPF50+ swimming costumes, shorts and swim tees that will provide full coverage alongside sunscreen and a hat. Take a look at our Pinterest board for lots of cool kids swimwear options.

    Kids Banana Print Sun Hat

    Hat: Banana Split Cub hat

    Choosing the right kids sun hats 

    • We’re not just bias, we’re confident you can’t get better sun protection from a kid’s sun hat than a Little Hotdog Watson sun hat! Our tight weave 100% fabric provides UPF50+ protection to keep out even the harshest rays and we also include a roll-down neck protector on many of our designs. 
    • Alongside sun protection, our summer kids hats also feature our clever ‘Buzz off’ technology keeping nasty bugs away with in-built repellent, and our cleverly adapting ‘Goldilocks’ fabrics to keep little heads the perfect temperature.  
    • Little Hotdog Watson hats are pool and ocean ready too. Our ‘Buzz off’ repellent can last up to 30 washes or equivalent holiday soaks.  

    Further sun protection tips 

    • Buy a pop-up beach tent for anytime shade when you plan a day in the sun. 
    • Keep an eye on the time and be extra careful in the sun between 11am and 3pm. If you see your little ones getting rosy cheeked, take a break, rehydrate and reapply the sunscreen. 
    • If your child has a hard time having sunscreen applied, here’s are some ideas to try: 
    1. Allow them to do your sunscreen first / at the same time 
    2. Encourage funny faces as you do their face 
    3. Give them a paint brush for a fun way of allowing them to apply it themselves 
    4. Time sunscreen application with something predictable like snack time rather than interrupting their games 

    Found this article helpful? Why not share it with any other parents who want to keep their Little Hotdogs safe this summer. Plus, if you liked this blog, you might also like ‘The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Little Ones Safe on your Next Beach Break’.  


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