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I Need This - Great Book Gifts

Getting stuck into a good book is such a well-deserved treat for big and little kids. If you want to give the gift of relaxation this Xmas then take a look at our recommended reads this winter!

Little Hotdog Watson Christmas Book Gift Guide


1) In the Frow - The New Fashion Rules

This isn’t just a coffee table book. Victoria McGrath is no ordinary fashion blogger, with a PHD in fashion, she shares her insight on fashion and the ways it is changing and adapting within social media.  

2) Sali Hughes - Pretty Iconic

A history of all the iconic beauty products, guaranteed to bring back memories. A really fun read! 

3) Clemmie Hooper - How to Grow a Baby

A brilliant buy for expectant mums, this is a helpful guide from Mother of Daughters is all about prepping in pregnancy.


4) Giovanna and Tom Fletcher – Eve

Great book. A dystopian love story based on the first girl being born in 50 years. A brilliant read and really interesting concept to get you thinking.


5) Eunice Olumide - How To Get Into Fashion

A guide from UK super model Eunice on how to get into fashion, what to look out for and how to succeed! I heard Eunice speak and she is amazing. Also an OBE winner! 


6) Mark Lemon - Otis Lemon series

A fab series of children’s books revolving around the main character Otis and his adventures. Profits go to the charity Winston’s Wish. 


7) Thea Chops Book - Not Just Good For A Girl

One of two books challenging the stereotypes of girls and what they can achieve. Beautifully illustrated and fun to read with little ones.


8) Mother + Papa Pukka - Parenting The Sh*t Out Of Life 

Well this needs no introduction but it really is the ultimate read whether you're a first time parent in the planning or in for a penny in for a pound with number 6. Funny, self-deprecating and honest in way that is completely relatable.


9) Sara Tasker - Hashtag Authentic

Queen of Instagram reveals her first book a guide to all things well and truly instagram. Perfect for the inspiring small biz owner, blogger or influencer in the making.


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