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50 Fun Ways to Get Outdoors as a Family This Summer Holidays

If you’ve made it halfway through the summer holidays but find you’re running out of ideas on how to get out - we’re here to help! Here are 50 fun ways to get outdoors as a family this summer and make memories: 

1. Classic playground games

Grandmother’s Footsteps, Tag, Hide & Seek, Stuck in the Mud - share old classics with your kids or ask them what they play in the playground at nursery/school, then join in!  

For more playground games you can both enjoy read our blog ‘15 Outdoor Games Grown-Ups Can Join in With’

2. Water play!

Child outdoors going down waterslide

Pic Credit: @bonaofmay

Have a water fight, get out the paddling pool, set up a water table and add plastic figures and boats - adding water is the perfect way to keep them entertained (and cool) this summer. Read our blog for 13 fun outdoor water games here. 

3. Eat alfresco 

4. Storytime snuggled in the shade

5. Take a walk

Walking is a simple, fun way to get outside and keep active as a family - whether you’re exploring your city or strolling across the countryside. Read our 8 easy ways to engage kids on your next family walk.

6. Family cycling

Get on your bikes! Whether it’s racing laps around the park or heading in the car to find of the UK’s brilliant family-friendly cycle routes. Find tips on having a fun, safe UK cycling adventure in our blog here. 

7. Get creative outdoors

Take your paints outdoors, make a nature collage or do sketches and doodles of things your adventures. 

8. Fly kids

9. Take a beach trip

Pic Credit: @mrschristineharris

There’s so much to do at the beach! It’s not all about sandcastles. Read our article on fun beach games to try next time you’re by the sea. 

10. Blow bubbles

11. Play with chalks

12. Do some gardening 

13. Hide pebbles

If you haven’t discovered the craze of painting and hiding pebbles for other families to find, have a quick Facebook search for your town/city and ‘rocks’ and see which groups come up. The idea is you and your children paint rocks, leave them locally and snap a photo when you find others! 

14. Go geocaching

Geocaching is a form of grown-up treasure hunting your children can join in with too. Download the Geocaching app to find out where the nearest hidden checkpoints are.

15. Play board games

Grab a tray or set yourself up on a picnic table for board games in the fresh air. 

16. Try hula hooping

17. Wash the car

18. Stargaze

19. Make shadows

20. Spot shapes in the clouds

Keep little eyes protected as they look skyward with our retro-inspired kids Panda Pop Scout shades featuring: UV400 Sun Protection, super strong & flexible arms and life-proof anti-scratch lens.

21. Go go-karting

22. Dance in the rain

23. Go horse-riding

24. Go fishing/crabbing

25. Play in the sandpit

26. Go camping

Camping is one of our absolute favourite ways to spend time outdoors and reconnect as a family. We’ve got a mega camping pack list here if you want tips to make preparing easier. 

27. Go to a festival

Camp, dance and have a blast with family and friends at a music festival. Here’s a list of family-friendly UK festivals we know about. Plus, if you need packing tips for a festival weekend, you’ll like this one too.

28. Climb a tree

29. Go fruit picking

30. Build an obstacle course

Don’t forget to keep little heads protected in the sun this summer. Browse our smart tech kids sun hats with UPF50+ protection, bug repellant and ‘Goldilocks’ fabric - to keep little heads cool.  

31. Build a den

Bring out old sheets, towels and cushion to hang over patio furniture or drape over a washing line or invest in a garden tipi or playhouse for longstanding dens they can escape into whatever the weather. We love this picnic bench turned playhouse and garden hide and seek nook. 

32. Play your favourite ball games

33. Balance rocks and build a tower

34. Make a scrapbook

35. Watch a sunset 

36. Go bird watching

How often do you stop and really marvel at wildlife with your children? Bird watching is a fascinating way to do this so grab your binoculars. Visit RSPB Kids for some beginner tips and WWF to find your local wetlands.  

37. Roll down a hill

38. Grow veg!

Help your children learn how incredible nature is and where our food comes from. It’s so rewarding growing your own fruit and veg and great for encouraging them to give their produce a try. Find a local allotment via your council here. 

39. Go litter picking

Raise eco-conscious kids by showing them the importance of looking after our environment and modelling it to them with litter picking. Find out more about the national #LitterHeroes campaign to join in. 

40. Go tree hugging

41. Make wild crowns

42. Jump in muddy puddles

If it’s really mucky out, try our list of muddy activity ideas here.  

Don’t forget, we have your kids covered (literally) come rain or shine this summer. Shop our showerproof Arctic Cub hats here.

43. Try fossil hunting

44. Set up a Tuff Spot & get messy!

Tuff Spots are huge plastic trays you can fill with all sorts of fun outdoor activities curious minds will love exploring. Read our blog to Tuff Spot activity ideas to get you started.

45. Make a campfire

46. Go to a fireworks display

47. Climb a hill or visit the mountains

48. Hold a party!

Get friends and family together in the park or organise a back to school playdate in the garden with one of these fun outdoor party ideas.

49. Cross a bridge & play pooh sticks

50. Go on a hunt...

We love going on scavenger hunts and nature collecting walks. Draw your child a list of natural finds and challenge them to collect them or hide treasure in the garden. For preschoolers, a shape spotting walk is also fun! How many squares/circles/triangles can you see as you explore? 

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