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15 Outdoor Games Grown-Ups Can Join In With

Our Little Hotdogs love nothing more than having ‘grown-ups’ join in with their play. Be a big kid again and make their day with these outdoor ideas you can easily initiate:


Set up an outdoor cafe

Kids love imaginative play, and it’s more the better if we can get involved too. Playing shops and cafes is always an easy one for grown-ups. Just rock up at their counter, place your order and see what delights they return (and the bargainous or extortionate prices they’ll come up with too!). Often playgrounds have a little window cut out somewhere for this sort of play, but you can use any chair, table, tree trunk…

For added fun, pick flowers and grass then add bowls and water, so they can mix up real concoctions to serve up.

Little Hotdog Watson share their top outdoor games that everyone can enjoy

Have them draw round your shadow

Want a game where all you need to do is stand still? Have fun with shadows. Stand and make an interesting pose then see if your little one can draw around your silhouette with chalk.

Do A Silly Race

Bring out their competitive side with a race! Then make it even more fun by making it silly too. See who will win a race running backwards or waddling like a penguin. Or challenge them to run a lap while singing their favourite song.

Get out the water pistols

Water play is always a hit in the summer. Get involved with this harmless messy play and let them get you soaked! Water pistols, water bombs, or jump in the paddling pool with them.

Sprinkler Dash

Another wet one – run throw your garden sprinklers together. 

What's the time Mr. Wolf

Have a go at this playground classic and let them chase you around the garden or park at ‘dinnertime’.

Tug of War

Let your Little Hotdog show of their strength with a game of tug of war. Use a strong ‘tie’ like an adult’s jumper or table cloth, then give them the chance to battle you! Go on, let them win and watch their face as you fall over in defeat.

Little Hotdog Watson share their top outdoor games that everyone can enjoy

Hide and Seek

Another classic, particularly fab when you take it outside. Why not let even the tiniest Hotdogs have a go at being the seeker? A great way to see how they’re getting on with their counting and such a priceless chance to peek and observe them independent of you.

Traffic Lights

Help them burn off energy without having to tire yourself. To play traffic lights all you need to do is instruct them to run around then shout ‘red’ for stop and ‘green’ for go. You could mix it up and direct them to skip, jump, crawl etc too.

Simon Says

Kids love the chance to boss adults around. Play Simon Says and let them be in charge.

Start a Rescue Mission

Choose a patch of grass or length of patio, then begin crossing as if you’re walking over a treacherous surface – lava, glass, a tight rope. When you’re halfway through, tell your child you’re stuck and need rescuing! It’s their job to come and pull you out.

Get on a roll

When was the last time you rolled down a hill? Well, it’s time to do it again. Shake off that adult insecurity and find a slope you can whizz down with your Little Hotdog behind for guaranteed giggles!

Little Hotdog Watson share their top outdoor games that everyone can enjoy

Long Jump

Mark out a line with flower petals or twigs and take it in turns to have a running jump.

Grass Art

Make the most of all those grass cuttings this summer. Next time you find a freshly mown lawn, use the grass cuttings to create giant shapes and art pieces on the floor.

Follow the leader

Let your little one lead you around the garden, showing you exactly how to move. Or try this at the playground and let them lead you down the slide!

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Plus, why not share this with other fun parents, grandparents or carers you know who love getting the children outside - help them bond in the sunshine!



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