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UPF50+ Sun Protection

Protection from UVA and UVB rays

Buzz Off Mosquito Repellant

Protection from mosquitoes. Lasts up to 30 washes

Goldilocks Fabric

Protects little heads from overheating

All our hats have three amazing technologies to help solve everyday problems. All our hats are also machine washable. 

All our hats are tested according to a stringent set of UK and European safety standards to ensure the best possible quality product for your little one.

  • UPF50+
  • Goldilocks Fabric
  • Buzz Off


Top level sun protection from UVA and UVB rays

  • Protection is for the life of the product
  • All hats tested to British Safety standard
  • Cub, Adventurer and Pioneer also provide extra protection too ears and neck and conform to BS8466

Disclaimer: Sun exposure causes skin damage. The hats will provide protection to areas directly covered by the hat and to a lesser extent areas shaded from the sun. Shaded areas of the face, neck and other exposed areas of the body should be protected by a high factor sun cream.

Goldilocks Fabric

Smart fabric keeps little Hotdog's head at the perfect temperature

  • Space certified technology created for astronauts
  • Developed with Outlast and woven in Portugal
  • Lasts for the lifetime of the hat
  • No more sweaty hat hair

Buzz Off

Helps keep the buzzies away. Lasts upto 30 washes

  • Citronella mix repeller finish in fabric
  • No smell
  • Extra protection for the hard to cover face and neck
  • Safety tested for children and babies