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The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Little Ones Safe on Your Next Beach Break

Beach holidays with young kids – the potential for such fun and yet the potential for such chaos! Sand, sun cream, sticky ice cream faces… We love a beach trip but it always pays to be prepared, so you can relax knowing their safe and comfortable and focus on sand castle building and watching those first paddles. Read on to get our top tips:

Sun safe from head to toe

  • Keep young babies safe from harsh rays with long armed and long legged swimwear to see them safely through the peak sunshine hours. Look out for swimwear that offers UPF50+ protection which will feature a tight weave to keep out harsh sun rays. Remember, babies under 6 months should avoid being in direct sunlight around midday when the sun is hottest.
  • For babies and toddlers, choose a swim diaper for under their swimwear or try a reusable swim nappy like the Splash About Happy Nappy.
  • To keep your child comfortable in hot weather, pick loose cotton clothing that lets the skin breath and provides a natural surface which won’t irritate their skin in the heat.
  • When picking sun cream, opt for a high a factor sunscreen that has a trusted reputation. Boots Soltan SPF 50+ Range has an excellent status for its 5 star protection which keeps out both UVB and UVA rays (the latter of which can cause lasting skin damage). Sun cream should be reapplied at least every couple of hours or after your baby has been in water, even if the lotion is waterproof.

  • To protect little eyes on the beach, look no further than our Panda Pop Scout sunglasses are designed to provide complete protection for sunny day adventures. Our sunglasses come with anti-glare technology to prevent squinting, super strong anti-scratch UV400 lenses and ultra flexible arms to withstand toddler rough and tumble.
  • For further protection and the opportunity to hide in the shade when everyone’s getting too hot, consider a beach tent. bbgg Baby at KIDLY do a fab pop-up tent which can be used for both babies and older Hotdogs, and it folds up in a neat carry case. The fact that it only has 3 sides stops it from getting too hot in side like a traditional tent.

Water safety for little swimmers

Helping your Hotdogs explore the pool or ocean for the first time can be exciting yet nerve-wracking. Thankfully there are lots of different products on the market to choose from and boost confidence (yours and theirs).

Child Wearing Zoggs Deep Sea Water Float Jacket

Zoggs Deep Sea Water Float Jacket

This brilliant short body suit provides adjustable puncture proof buoyancy and encourages a natural swimming position to help little ones get used to the waters, safely.

Baby in Pool Swim Float By Jojo Maman Bebe

Baby Pool Swim Float Jojo Maman Bebe

A handy float for their first splashing experiences, great for getting them used to the water in safe and comfortable way. Only suitable for the pool. Offers support to the back, neck and chest. Available in sizes 0-12 months and 12-24 months.

Kids Nabaiji Swim Arm Bands Decathlon

Nabaiji Swim Arm Bands Decathlon

Keep it simple and safe with a pair of arm bands. We love this fun monkey print designs from Nabaiji. Designed for kids from 11 to 30kg and have two inflation chambers with check valves.

Kids Go Splash Gecko Swim Vest Float

Go Splash Gecko Swim Vest Float

Made from quick drying, high quality UPF 50+ neoprene, this is a lightweight, portable swim vest which is easy to get on and off as they hop in and out of the sea or pool. Available in a choice of patterns to suit their personality.

Kids Wearing Swimfin Swimming Aid In Pink Orange and Blue

SwimFin Swimming Aid

This has to be the most fun swim aid on the market! Great for encouraging nervous swimmers to brave the waters. Designed to look like a sharks fin, this float is endorsed by 4 Olympic swim champions, and allows complete freedom of movement. Suitable for ages 18 months +.

Further important water tips to keep them safe:

  • When you visit the beach, take a look around for potential dangers before you settle yourself.
  • Remember, as little as 5cm of water can pose a drowning risk for babies, toddlers and young children. Always keep curious explorers supervised around water, whether that’s your garden paddling pool or the sea.
  • Keep children under 5 years within arm’s reach at all times and children under 10 years always in your sight.
  • Teach your child what to do if they get into trouble: remain calm, float and raise an arm to signal for help from a lifesaver or lifeguard.
  • Water safety signs/flags can be very different in different countries, find out what they mean near you, teach your children, and stick to them.
  • Don’t use Inflatable dinghies, lilos or ride-on floats in open waters as they can be easily blown away when still in use.

After-swim must have

Make sure they’re comfortable after their sea fun with a hooded towel to put them in and warm them up straight away. They can be fine in the sea then suddenly get really cold so something snuggly like a dressing gown or towel with hood is an essential to pack in our household. 

Child Wearing Dock & Day Yellow Poncho Towel

Dock & Bay Yellow Hooded Poncho Towel

This super fast drying microfibre Poncho from Dock & Bay looks fab. Adults sizes and a wealth of colours available! Comes with a handy backpack so they can bring it with them themselves.

Baby beach hacks

  • Keep up a bottle of water in the car for washing off sandy toes after.
  • Bring a small inflatable paddling pool and a beach umbrella to make a baby safe, sand-free zone.
  • Set a timer on your phone so you know when it’s time to reapply sunscreen.
  • Pre-freeze snacks! If you’ve got a baby who’s just started on baby pouches, you can freeze a few ahead of time so they have a cool snack later in the day.
  • If it’s really hot, being sprayed with cool water is a simple trick to feel refreshed. Fill a spritzer with iced cold water before you leave the hotel or holiday house.

Don’t forget a hat!

Cub Navykin

Cub Banana Split

Last but not least, make sure you’ve packed a high-quality kids sun hat to protect little heads. All our kids summer hats at Little Hotdog Watson have been designed to provide full protection with smart design features:

  • UPF50+ - Super strength sun protection.
  • Buzz off, bugs – Coated with clever in-built mosquito repellent.
  • Goldilocks fabric – Cleverly adapting fabric to keep your child’s head the perfect temperature.

Not to mention our striking prints and colourful patterns to make keeping your eye on your little ones easy even on a busy beach. Browse our baby & kids beach hats now.

Now they’re all safe, don’t forget the fun and games. Read our blog Brilliant Beach Activities to Keep Them Busy for our favourite fun seaside activity ideas.

If you found this beach guide helpful, why not help another parent out and share this blog on! Plus, don’t forget to sign-up to the Fresh Air Club for regular updates and adventure ideas from Little Hotdog Watson. 


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