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13 Fun Outdoor Water Games Your Hotdogs Will Love

Make the most of this sunshine and keep the cool with water-based fun! Here’s a list of fun water games to try alongside a dip in the paddling pool:

Little Hotdog Watson talk about fun outdoor games your little ones can enjoy  

Pic Credit- mikailahp

Sprinkler Run

For an easy activity setup that will provide hours of fun, just set up your garden sprinkler and let them run riot. Perfect in this heat when the grass needs a refresh. If you don’t have a sprinkler you can create your own using a hose and a large plastic bottle with holes poked in.


Easy targets

How about creating water balloon and water pistol targets? Grab a large cardboard box or hang up an old bed sheet with holes cut out. Or made chalk targets on an outdoor wall.

 Little Hotdog Watson talk about water games that your children will love in their latest blog

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Water painting

Grab a bucket of water and some thick paint brushes and voila, mess-free materials to use your garden or courtyard as their canvas!


Potion making

Set-up a collection of plastic cups, bowls, jugs, spoons, and a big bucket or box of water - then let them create their own potions using water and other natural bits they find outdoors. If you don’t have a garden, you can take this idea to your local park. Just pack a big bottle of water and away you go.


Toy wash station

Kids love the chance to bring water into their everyday games and use their toys in new ways, so a toy wash station is always a fun idea. Let them bring a load of water-safe toys outside and hand them a bucket of soapy water, a sponge and a towel to dry them after.

Little Hotdog Watson talk about water games that your children will love in their latest blog

Photo: Pinterest

Water bombs away

Water balloons are a classic! If you want to be environmentally friendly, then look out for reusable options like these.


Sponge tag

It’s tag but with a wet twist. All you need is a bucket of water and a sponge. You’re ‘tagged’ when you’re hit with a wet sponge.

Little Hotdog Watson talk about water games that your children will love in their latest blog

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DIY Water slide

If you’ve got a long, safe stretch of grass in your garden then delight your kids with their very own garden water slide! For this you’ll need a clean camping ground cover and a hose - and away they go!


Water relay

Each team will need two buckets and a cup. The aim of the game: race back and forth, using a cup to transfer water from one full bucket to one empty bucket at the end of your designated race track. The winning team are the first to transfer all their water.


Cold potato

A good one for a group of Little Hotdog friends or siblings. Stand them in a large circle and hand over a water balloon. They have to throw the balloon around the circle to each other and if it bursts on them, they’re out.



It’s like the traditional game of Duck-Duck-GOOSE but, instead of tagging the person selected to be ‘wet’, the ‘Goose’ has a cup of water tipped on them before the chase begins. A good one for older Hotdogs and grown-ups who’ll know what they’re letting themselves in for!

 Little Hotdog Watson talk about fun outdoor water games that kids can enjoy

Pic Credit: @bonaofmay

Splash pop piñatas

Hang a full water bomb from a tree or goal post and take it in turns to try to whack and pop it! Make it more exciting by adding a blindfold so, you’re not sure when it’s going to make a splash.


Water limbo

A game of limbo always provides a laugh for the whole family, add water to the mix and you’ve got a raucous activity great for family parties or long weekends in the garden. All you’ll need is a garden hose an adult who can hold it steady, so a stream of water creates the limbo bar! Good luck.


Do you have any favourite water activities in your family? Let us know if there’s something we’re missing!

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