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18 Active Indoor Activities for When it's Too Cold Out

We get it, outdoor adventure isn’t always possible. Especially as the temperatures drop and some kids (and grown-ups) just don’t enjoy exploring in the bitter cold! If that sounds like you, here are 18 indoor games to keep them active in the house.

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Indoor Obstacle Course

Choose a child-safe space and set up an obstacle course using pillows and soft toys. You could also add a play tent or tunnel and draw a balance beam with tape on the floor.

Action reading hunt

A fab idea for encouraging new readers. Write down instructions on a post it note and have them read the clue before finding the next one. For example: “Hop to your bedroom” or “Jump 3 times in the hallway”.

What’s the time Mr Wolf

Yes, this much loved playground game can work just as well at home. One player turns their back and pretends to be the wolf, the other shouts “What’s the time Mr Wolf” before taking the right right number of steps towards the wolf (4 o’clock = 4 steps). When the wolf shouts ‘Dinner time!’ they can then run and chase the other to catch them for their tea.


Kids Doing Yoga Indoors


For a slower active game, try a spot of kids yoga. Cosmic Kids on YouTube is a great place to start to introduce your children to basic poses in a playful way.  

Bean bag toss

Try bean bags or balls chucked into different tupperware pots or on paper targets.

Balloon Keep Up

How long can they keep a balloon in the air without it touching the floor? Count the touches it takes. Always a fun one for competitive grown-ups to get involved with too!

Simon Says

It’s funny how even the most strong willed children don’t mind being told what to do when it comes to Simon Says!


Time to find out who’s the most flexible member of the family! Have 2 adults or big kids fashion your own limbo line using a skipping rope to get the contest going.

Hide and seek

An absolute classic. Nothing more to be said. Fab for practising their counting too.

Kids playing musical statues indoors

Musical statues

Play musical statues and practice listening skills at the same time. Choose different tracks to notice different styles and tempos of music and challenge them to change their dance moves to match.

Indoor long jump

Use tape to create a starting mark, then have your kids run at and jump to see how far they can leap.

Silly walks

If you find it hard to be silly, this is a good one to shake off your serious side. Take it in turns with your child to find a new way to cross the room. The sillier the better!

Animal charades

Animal impressions are good for a giggle. Take it in turns to make each other laugh and guess which animals you’re pretending to be.

Red light, green light

If your child’s going a bit wild indoors, introduce the ‘red light, green light’ game. They can carry on being active, but must stop when you say ‘red light’. ‘Green light’ and off they go again! A nice way to manage indoor happy chaos.

Wheelbarrow walks

Our kids bodies need to do all sorts of weird things to regulate and develop! Which is why they love being upside down. Wheelbarrow walks are a fun way to help them get sensory input and strengthen their muscles at the same time.

Boy on bed tidying toys up in bedroom

‘Tidy up time’ racing

We love any game that helps a busy parent out at the same time! Try a ‘tidy up time’ race. Who can put away the most toys before a timer runs out?

Star Jump stamina challenge

Star jumps are great for getting the heart pumping. Count how many they can do in one go. If you want them to burn off energy before bedtime, see if they can manage 25!

Potato drop

Grab a potato and have your kids hold it between their knees. Now challenge them to walk with it in place and drop it onto a target or into a bucket!

 boy and girl wearing panda hats

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