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Gratisversand für Großbritannien

Behind the Seams

At Little Hotdog Watson we take a holistic approach to designing our kids hats. Considered design with creativity at its heart. We’ve been sharing this journey from day one taking our customers behind the seams of how we create, research and do things differently. 

We produce intelligent kidswear with smart design. Kidswear that allows children to express themselves, explore outdoors, and claim the world as their own.

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Design Practise

We are hat specialists. We don’t make lots of different products. We make hats and we do it well. We always start with a question - how can we make it better.

Next we research new fabrics, technologies and processes before beginning with owner Emma’s pencil doodles and fabric draping. From traditional methods to digital ideation everything is thoughtfully considered.

Original Design

Our bold prints are exclusively designed by us, for us. Each design is unique and will not be found elsewhere. This takes time but we believe it’s one of the ways we change the current narrative surrounding gender stereotypes in children’s clothing. No pink for girls and blue for boys here, cool prints for cool kids. More recently we’ve been using our platform to encourage and support new creatives with our House of Hotdog initiative.

In the Details

Our hats do more than sit pretty. Each element of the hat from the lining, the thread, the sticker that holds the barcode is planned. Details count, the exact number of stitches, the perfect tension on the sewing machine, the weight of a lining all adds up to a more comfortable product that lasts longer. These details become more evident when you see our products in action.


Erstklassige Qualität ist mehr als nur großartiges Material. Unsere Hüte sind langlebig, da unsere Techniken keine Ecken abschneiden.

In jeder Phase und für jeden Artikel erfolgt eine Sichtprüfung. Wir führen strenge Leistungstests und Trageversuche durch. Wir nehmen uns für jedes Produkt Zeit. Wir schicken unsere Hüte zum Testen auch an echte Familien. Das bedeutet, dass unsere Hüte sich im Familienleben bewähren.

Die Fabrik

Die Pekinger Hutfabrik ist klein, aber mächtig. Seit 25 Jahren investiert man dort in Schulungen und Ausrüstung, um in dieser Kategorie die Besten zu werden.

Unser Stoff wird in Shanghai in einer hochmodernen Fabrik unter Nutzung von 75 % Solarenergie und recyceltem Wasser gewebt

Bevor wir mit einer Fabrik zusammenarbeiten, führen wir eine gründliche Prüfung der Arbeitsbedingungen und des Umweltschutzes durch.

House of Hotdog

In 2020 we launched House of Hotdog an initiative to give young creatives a platform to encourage creativity in younger generations showcase their talent.

The ‘Design a Hat, Win a Hat’ competition has seen children worldwide get creative designing hats for winter and summer. In 2021 we added an adult arm to the challenge supporting new design talent, collaborating with graduate Harriet Morgan for her first commercial work.

Keep an eye out for our annual competition.

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