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Press Coverage 

Child wearing Little Hotdog Watson's sun hat in tropical leaf on cover of parent folk magazine

Little Hotdog Watson's spring collection as featured on the cover of ParentFolk Magazine.

Review of Little Hotdog Watson turquoise kids sun hat in the Independent

Child wearing kids turquoise kids sun hat as featured in Independent review

Thank you at The Independent and Indy Best for reviewing the Cub Toucan Kids Sun Hat and sharing such a glowing review.


Woman Wearing three hats and blue suit founder of Little Hotdog Watson, Emma Watson

Little Hotdog Watson founder Emma Watson shares her journey setting up Little Hotdog Watson on The Successful Founder.


Arctic Gold Trapper hat featured in GoodTo review guide, January 2023.

Child wearing gold trapper hat from Little Hotdog Watson

 Little Hotdog Watson hats were featured in Happy Nest, December 2022.

Little Hotdog Watson winter scarfs were also featured in the Sunday Post, December 2022.

Best Kids Gift, The Telegraph featuring Little Hotdog Watson's Arctic Cub in Toucan Play.

Little Hotdog Watson's Arctic Cub Toucan Play hat as featured in The Telegraph Newspaper

Best Kids Gift, The Independent featuring Little Hotdog Watson's Arctic Cub in Cinnamon.

Green camo and pink fur animal trapper hat

Women's Health Best Baby Gifts for Christmas featuring Arctic Cub in Camo Pink.

Sunday Post featuring Little Hotdog Watson hats in best kids Christmas guide.

Best Kids Christmas Guides Sunday Post featuring Little Hotdog Watson

Little Hotdog Watson featuring in Best Kids Christmas Guides

Make My Home Pretty for featuring Little Hotdog Watson's Camo Pink hat in the best kids presents gift guide.

Grazia Article including Little Hotdog Watson hats

Grazia sharing two Little Hotdog Watson hats in their September issue. The Adventurer Camo Bucket hat and The Cub orange Tiger Hat.

Black and white sunglasses with their hard case and neck chain.

Scout Sunglasses in The Independents Best Kids Sunglasses Round Up.


Little Hotdog Watson Denim Blue bucket hat as featured in Vogue

Little Hotdog Watson featured in VOGUE. The Lady Gaga cover issue. Featuring the Adventurer in Denim Blue

Little Hotdog Watson's announce some major news in the EDP

Cub Navykin hat featured in Baby Save Shop top kids camping accessories.

Little Hotdog Watson's  kids navy leopard sun hat with neck flap

Thank you My Baba for including Little Hotdog Watson's Navykin Cub sun hat in your must have camping items.


Kids pink pineapple sun hat from Little Hotdog Watson

Woman's Health Magazine featuring Little Hotdog Watson's Cub Pineapple sun hat in their festival section.

Scotland For Kids press of all summer products for kids in cut outs including Little Hotdog Watson sun hats

 Scotland For Kids featured all of our sun hats in the summer edition.

Child wearing Little Hotdog Watson sun hat with the Momtastic stamp of approval award on it

Thank you to Momtastic Blog for featuring Little Hotdog Watson's hats and giving us your 2022 stamp of approval.

Thank you to Sunday People, Sunday Express, Sunday Mirror, Irish Sunday People, Irish Sunday Express for featuring our Leopard Baseball Cap and Adventurer Camo bucket hat.

Little Hotdog Watson as featured in Sunday Mirror and Daily Express and Sunday Irish Mirror

My Baba featured Little Hotdog Watson's cub navykin sun hat it's summer round up.

Primary Times featured Little Hotdog Watson hats in their spring edition.

Little Hotdog Watson's wolf print hat, Emily Brookshas been reviewed and featured on a Mum's Review.  


Kid wearing green wolf hat by Emily Brooks and Little Hotdog Watson

Little Hotdog Watson Arctic Cub Hat in Emily Brooks wolf print as Featured in The Independent.

Little Hotdog Watson Arctic Cub Gold featured in Hooligans Magazine. Styling and Production: @signature_alegre_international Photographer: @ianboddy Models: Jesse, Jiana, Jamelia, Ethan, Nicole, Olivia and Maria Clothing: @molo, @kate_e_hill @marbellabclothing

Little Hotdog Watson adult hat featured in ANON Fashion Magazine. Photographer Nick Dale, Stylist, Afton Ayache

Little Hotdog Watson featured in East Anglian Daily Times 'Future 50 Programme' article

Little Hotdog Watson Arctic Cub Gold featured in Lemon magazine 'Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids' article


Little Hotdog Watson Arctic Cub Hat in Emily Brooks wolf print featured in London Life Magazine and City Kids Social

Kid wearing Little Hotdog Watson Tiger Hat in Lemon Mag

Little Hotdog Watson Cub Hat in Tiger Print as featured in Lemon Mag

 Little Hotdog Watson Arctic Cub hat in Navy Leopard as featured in My Baba 'The Best Kids Ski Wear'.

Little Hotdog Watson Arctic Cub hat in Sophisticat as featured in Green Parent magazine.

Little Hotdog Watson Arctic Cub hats as featured in Dad Info

Little Hotdog Watson winter hats as featured in Dad.Info gift guide.

Little Hotdog Watson winter hats featured in Yearn's November's winter round up.


Picture of Black Velvet dress and Navy Arctic Cub Winter hat with leopard fur.

The Star Whisperer featuring Little Hotdog Watson's Arctic Cub Navy Hat with Leopard fur. 

Image of text from Authority Magazine interview with Little Hotdog Watson

Thank you to Authority Magazine for featuring owner of Little Hotdog Watson, Emma Watson.

Child wearing Little Hotdog Watson winter hat

Thank you to the Eastern Daily Press and Archant media for featuring Little Hotdog Watson.

Magazine article from Sunshine Magazine featuring Little Hotdog Watson

Thank you to Sonshine Magazine for featuring Little Hotdog Watson in their latest issue. 

Little Hotdog Watson interview featured in Bahia Kids Magazine

Thank you to Bahia Kids Magazine for featuring Little Hotdog Watson in their latest issue, Spring 2021

JB Gill, from JLS with Little Hotdog Watson's Rookie Panda Beanie

Thank you to JB Gill for sharing Little Hotdog Watson's Panda Rookie Beanie on his social media.


Little Hotdog Watson metallic hats as featured on Mercer7 Edit

Little Hotdog Watson Metallic Gold and Silver Arctic Cub hat as featured on Mercer7 Edit by Erna Leon, November 2020

Cub Panda Sun Hat featured on the PlayHooray blog, August 2020

Cub Panda Sun Hat as featured in Dr Ranj Healthy Child Magazine

Interview with Little Hotdog Watson owner Emma Watson on The Mum Surgery.

Little Hotdog Watson sun hats featured in Hooded Owls Summer Newsletter best summer buys round up

IWOCA Podcast  9 - to When

Interview with owner Emma Watson about how Little Hotdog Watson began. 

Emma Watson as featured on the Parent In Business Blog

Thank you to the The Pramshed for featuring Emma Watson in their Parents in Business series. 

 Cartoon illustration of 4 different business women

 Thank  you to Enterprise League for featuring owner Emma Watson in their article The Secret Super Powers Women Entrepreneurs Have

Mum and daughter owners of Little Hotdog Watson

Interview 'Meet the brand' with owner Emma Watson featured on Mama Designs. blog.  Read. 

Emma Watson owner of Little Hotdog Watson wearing adults sun hats

Thank you to One Mama  One Shed for featuring owner of Little Hotdog Watson, Emma Watson -for their Shedful of Inspiration interview. Read



Thank you to The Norwich Resident for featuring our Navykin Arctic Cub hat. 

Start Ups UK number one business website for start up featuring Little Hotdog Watson

Our Born to Wander digital campaign is featured in startups the number one business website in the UK

The Pitch UK finalist stage in London

Finalists of The Pitch UK 



Thank you to North Norfolk Living for featuring our Cub sun hat in turquoise.


Family of four and picture of girl wearing two sun hats

Thank you to Dinki Human maker of beautiful kidswear (of which we own a few things) for featuring LHW on their blog. Hats shown areCub in Orange and Elefolk

Boy and girl kissing wearing little hotdog watson sun hats 

Thank you to Karen @N4Mummy for featuring LHW Cub Panda hats and Pioneer hat in her sustainable summer wardrobe dressing.

Little Boy wearing all monochrome including panda sun hat

Let Time Not Waste Time interview with the awesome Luca in Junior Style Magazine and on Alegre Media wearing Adventurer Sun hat in Panda Pop

 Mum and daughter smiling daughter wearing pink pineapple sun hat

Thank you to Gemma at Mutha.Hood for including us in both her newsletter and her instagram this month. Big Red is wearing Cub sun hat in Pineapple Punch




Dot to Dot, London winners badge for Best New Kidswear Brand, Little Hotdog Watson

Winner of Best New Brand at Dot to Dot London 2016

Made for Mums Bronze Award 2017



Best Children's Sun Hats, as featured in Mother and Baby Magazine here is the banana hat as featured.

Little Hotdog Watson girl wearing sun hat from the Hooligans Magazine shoot

Featured in Hooligan's Magazine, with a creative take wearing our hats inside out.

This Is Mothership Logo featured in Little Hotdog Watson Blog

Little Hotdog Watson hats featured in This Is Mothership 


Ele-folk Cub featured in School House Magazine 

Explorer featured in Hooligans Magazine



Scout Sunglasses in The Parent & Baby Magazine 

Little Hotdog Watson Arctic Cub Kids Hat in Print Banana Split Was Featured on My Baba Blog

Arctic Cub Banana Split featured in My Baba blog 'AW18 Kids Fashion'


 Little Hotdog Watson's Banana Split Cub sun hat featured in Hoi Berlin Blog

Cub Banana Split featured in Hoi Berlin Blog



Cub Toucan Play featured in Norwich Resident 


Little Hotdog Watson Cub Hat in print Tropical Leaf was featured on My Baba Magazine

Cub Tropical Leaf featured in My Baba Blog



Cub Toucan Play featured in Norwich Extra Newspaper



 Scout Sunglasses featured in the wonderful WOHNREVUE magazine


Little Hotdog Watson Globetrotter review on Little Roo and Tigger Too

 Boo Roo and Tigger Too - product review for Globetrotter Hat



 Full Page Interview with Owner Emma Watson in Resident Magazine


Annick Lau Press Article with an interview of Emma and Harriett Watson from Little Hotdog Watson

Press Article Interview with Emma Watson: Annick Lau


Child wearing the Knitted Beanie Rookie for the Little Revolution Magazine as shown on Little Hotdog Watson Press

Child wearing the Knitted Beanie Rookie for the Little Revolution Magazine as shown on Little Hotdog Watson Press

Editorial in the Little Revolution Magazine wearing Rookie beanie.



Press Article in the EDP (Eastern Daily Press)


Baby Friendly Bolt Holes 11 Family Travel Products Featuring Little Hotdog Watson

Baby-Friendly Boltholes - 11 Family Travel Products To Change Your Life


Little Hotdog Watson accessories and hats featured in Collezioni Magazine

Collezioni - Autumn's Accessories 

Gurgle Magazine - Tot Treats featuring Arctic Cub in Panda Pop

Collezioni Bambini n.61 featuring Khaki Pink, Rookie and Tiger Pink winter hats


babiekinsmag - fashionkins// keep the cameras rolling


 Hooligans magazine


Sunny side up - Young Parents 


 Cub in Panda Pop As seen in the Liverpool Echo


Emma Watson, founder Little Hotdog Watson interview with Pirouette Blog.

Featured in Pirouette, interview with Emma Watson at Playtime Berlin.


Summer Festival Exclusive collaboration with Little Revolution Magazine and Alegre Media as featured exclusively in Hooligans Magazine


Hats for Kids: Stylish and protective - 2TravelDads

Scout Sunglasses as featured in Day Tripping - Gurgle Magazine 


As Featured in Little Bear Abroad Mag


 5 Things To Love About Little Hotdog Watson, Review and Feature N4 Mummy



Adventurer Tropical Bucket Hat as featured in Travel Trends - Gurgle Magazine 


Zombiie Mummy: Alegre Media 2017! 



Family Festival Must Haves, Metro Newspaper


Image of Emma Watson and daughter of Little Hotdog Watson as featured in Eastern Daily Press EDP

 Featured in the Eastern Daily Press

Excited to be featured in N4 Mummy's Holiday Packing List

You The Daddy Article on Holiday Essentials for children including Little Hotdog Watson sunhats

Featured in You The Daddy, Summer essentials travel list.


Featured by Freddie Harrel

Featured in Small Baby UK Magazine 

Kidzootd talks trends and Little Hotdog Watson 

You The Daddy Interview, with Little Hotdog Watson founder, Emma Watson. March 2017

Featured in You The Daddy - interview with Founder Emma Watson and sneak peaks of SS17 range


Cub Hat in Banana Split as Featured in Mother & Baby Magazine Australia - Back to School.

Featured in the amazing Alegre Media's I Love Playtime Blog.

Little Hotdog Watson Sun hats for kids as featured in Mother and Baby Magazine, Australia

So proud to be featured in Mother and Baby Magazine, Australia.

I-Escape Christmas Gift Guide for kids, featuring Little Hotdog Watson sunhats for kids

Featured in I-Escape Christmas Gift Guide.

Interview of Emma Watson Founder of Little Hotdog Watson, in Fourth Trimester Magazine

Interview with Founder Emma Watson in Fourth Trimester Magazine.

Little Hotdog Watson Cub Kids Sun hat as featured in Clemmie Telford Mother of All Lists, Travel Guide

So proud to be included in Clemmie Telford's ultimate holiday list for travelling with kids.

Little Hotdog Watson sun hat for kids Cub in Panda Pop as featured in Lucie Cave article in Grazia Magazine

#Babyboggles: Cool Baby Clothes For Your Mini Trend-Setter - Grazia

2016's best Christmas gifts for Kids - Family Traveller

Stylish Kids Hats From Little Hotdog Watson - Chalk Kids

Trends - Kidzootd and Youngsters Kids Fashion Magazine

Autumn 2016 - Slick Mummy


Trailblazer as featured in Best Christmas Gifts for Kids - Family Traveller


Norwich Woman's new fashion venture is safe and stylish - Evening News

How a Norwich designer combined family and fashion to create a stylish sun hat business - Evening News

Who is Little Hotdog Watson? - Not So Smug Now

Gossip Station: Emma Watson - Alegre Media

Family Travel: Toddler Must- Haves The Only Girl in the House


How to use video to promote your small business - The Guardian


Pioneer  as featured in We Love School Holidays - Daily Express


Cub in Pineapple Punch as featured on Thats Clever - Mother and Baby

Clever hats that help kids keep their cool when the sun comes out - Babyology

Mama's Hotlist - Absolutely Mama

Baby London

Review: Little Hotdog Watson - Wigan Mum

Summer Fashion Recommendations - A Side Order of Me

Little Hotdog Watson Sunhats - Bambino Goodies

The Coolest Kid's Hats in Town - Bikinis and Bibs

Little Hotdog Watson Review - Finlay Fox

Keepin’ it Cool: New Kids’ Fashion - My Baba

Something for the Bank Holiday Weekend - Minis and More

Top Picks: Tutti Frutti - Baba and Boo

The Rules of Wearing Baby Sun Hats - Style After Nine

Children Changing Careers p1: From Menswear Buyer to CEO of Little Hotdog Watson Childrenswear - Arthurwears

The Norwich Resident

Eastern Daily Press

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