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Fashion Bytes with...Yvadney Davis

Style After Nine's Yvadney Davis is the ultimate #mumthatslays A stylist and mum to two she has the best earring collection on instagram and is always enpointe. I just had to interview her for Fashion Bytes.

What three words sum up your style?


Flavourful, colourful, eclectic.


Which fashion rule do you love to break?

The one that says breastfeeders should wear 'nursing-specific' clothes.


What are your key wardrobe staples and where are they from?

Nursing Bras - Hotmilk.

Orthopedic-friendly shoes from Birkenstock and my Nike & Adidas trainers.

Shaping skinny jeans - Marks & Spencer 

Oversized earrings - H&M 

Headwraps anything from Vintage scarves from Style by Portobello to wax print fabrics from the market.


Of all time whose style do you admire the most and why?

This is a tough one, I've always had a thing for Katharine Hepburn's style but think Solange Knowles has to top the bill. I love everything she wears and how she proves ones sense of style can get better with age and motherhood - her 2000s outfits were mainly heinous, although I don't think mine were much better.

What brands/product did you rely on when you were pregnant?

Asos and H&M for maternity basics, Bio Oil, Body pillow to sleep with, because i get such terrible back ache in pregnancy, a 'Bump On Board badge', it makes trying to get a seat when you're feeling queasy or weary hat that much easier and Jamaican ginger beer to keep the morning sickness at bay. I also insist on either red lipstick or bold earrings (or both) to give my outfit a bit of a pop, if it's particularly plain.

Has your style changed since becoming a parent?

Becoming a mum has been the making of my style. Once you've given birth to a baby in front of a room of strangers, the last thing you should worry about is what people think of what you look like with your clothes on. I feel like I can do anything with my style. I have so much joy and shenanigans in my life surrounded by the kids, i can't help to bring that into my wardrobe. I also wear a lot of trainers now, I'm not clicking around town in heels. And while I can't go braless anymore and a bodycon dress is a hilarious notion for me, I just feel like life is too short to not to enjoy wearing what you want and feeling confident in your own style and flavour. 

Lets talk shopping habits...what are your top tips for shopping (online and real life) 

Sometimes I still think about things I didn't buy. Which is why I strongly believe in making sure you don't just fill the shopping cart but you follow through on the purchase. Then you can try everything on in the comfort of your own home and know for certain if it's a keeper or for the returns.
Shopping in real life, put some lippy on so you feel good when you look in the changing room mirrors and shoes you can slip 'on and off easily. Don't bring the kids if you don't have to, they'll only get in the way, but if you do, stock up on snacks and an iPad.


Whose your favourite designer and why?

Gah, that's a hard one to ask a fashion graduate - there are so many! My absolute favourite would have to be Vivienne Westwood. Firstly because she designs for all women, she's a totally maverick badass, that has made her own rules and proved herself victorious. If you have curves, she doesn't want to hide them, she makes clothes that flaunt them. I love her artful mix of history, clever pattern cutting, punk, social awareness and street style. I have a couple of her pieces that I cherish and could live forever more in Westwood.


What are your top tips for getting ready in a hurry for the school run and still looking 'together'?

If you want to look put together quickly, get yourself a couple of statement jackets you can throw on quickly. Even if you're wearing a t-shirt and skinny jeans, you'll totally rock and I swear by great accessories like earrings and scarves to add flourish. Now beauty wise, Illuminators (I love Bobbi Brown's) and red lipstick will totally transform you.

For the next year you can only drink water and...ginger beer (i'm a Caribbean through and through)

If you can only shop in one place for the rest of your life it has to be…as I am Zara, in the money Harrods (their kids' section is divine)

I always invest the most money on… scents, I like quality perfumes and candles, particularly the latter which mask the smell of the funkiest of nappies.

My most ridiculous purchase ever was…not exactly ridiculous, but I once bought myself a pewter coloured leather Alexander McQueen dress in my youth. Can you believe I lost it between my move to Canada and back. Sigh!

If I could trade places with anyone for 30 days it would be…Richard Branson - I would travel the world and to the moon and back, a different country a day perhaps. 

My favourite outfit ever is…a dress my mum made for me when I was pregnant with Lolo made from wax print fabric. we collaborated on the design tweaking a vintage paper pattern I had, it's just so exquisitely made, fun and made with love.

Quick fire favourites:

Shoe brand - Sophia Webster
Lipstick colour - Ruby Woo MAC
Jeans brand - MOTO Topshop

If you would like to know more about Yvadney and her ideas for stylish family living check out Style After Nine

Would love to know what you think and whose fashion style you want to hear more about next. Let me know and comment below


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