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Fashion Bytes with...Andy Clifton

WELCOME to the first in the series of Fashionbytes. Each week we are going to be catching up with a stylish parent and asking them how on earth they do it!! First up is Andy from the stylish blog Dad & Co                                            


Hello Andy, tell us a bit about yourself… I'm 35, live in Surbiton and a stay at home dad for my wonderful kids - Lily (3 years old) and son Robin 1 (years old). I used to work as an Assistant Buyer and now write a blog about kids fashion and my experiences as a sahd (Stay at Home Dad). When I'm not looking after the kids I try to play tennis as much as possible. 



What three words sum up your style?

Causal, navy and slim

Which fashion rule do you love to break?

Wearing black and navy together. 

What are your key wardrobe staples and where are they from?

White crew neck tees from H&M and slim fit indigo jeans from Uniqlo are my staples. The tee shirts are a great slim fit, wash well and are cheap. I think men and women alike always look good in a well fitted white tee and they are great for wearing under shirts especially my current favourite Revere (camp) collar short sleeve shirts. 
I always get my jeans from Uniqlo as they are also great value, fit well and wash brilliantly. 

Of all time whose style do you admire the most and why?

Paul Weller was the man I looked up to style wise when I was growing up. I was solely into Mod music as a teenager and therefore music was never just about the music to me, it was what the artists wore too and Weller always looked great, and still does now.


Then it my late teens and still now David Beckham is the man I admire the most style wise. I know it's a bit of an obvious one but for me he really changed the way people looked at men's fashion. He made it ok to care about the way you looked and not be regarded as gay. He always looks dapper and is a true gentleman. He also does the simple things well too. 

Has your style changed since becoming a parent?

Yes it has changed since I've become a dad. It's definitely more relaxed but its still important to me that I'm happy with what I'm wearing. John Bishop hit the nail on the head when he talks about the difference between people with kids and the ones without. The ones without kids normally look like they have had the time and energy to buy nice clothes and put them on. They don't have dribble and food down them either! 

My style has also changed since I became a sahd (stay at home dad). I wear shorts everyday from about May through to as long as I can because I couldn't at work and I like the way they make me feel relaxed and free.

Lets talk shopping habits…where are your top picks for shopping (online and real life)

I mostly shop online at ASOS, Urban Outfitters and Fred Perry.

On the high street I find it difficult to walk past a TK Maxx without going in, Zara but mainly for kids clothing, Gap and Uniqlo.

Whose your favourite designer and why?

I'm not really a designer person. I'm happy with high street, affordable fashion.

What are your top tips for getting ready in a hurry for the school run and still looking ‘together’?

I normally chuck on a pair of shorts (jeans in the winter), t shirt, white trainers and a jersey bomber. I think keeping it simple makes you make less mistake so people then don't think 'why are they wearing that with that'. Always do your teeth and hair though. There's nothing worse than chatting to someone with dog breath. The your state of your hair can give away if you 'together' or not. 

Fill in the blanks:

For the next year you can only drink water and…beer

If you can only shop in one place for the rest of your life it has to be…Urban Outfitters

I always invest the most money on…trainers

My most ridiculous purchase ever wasI'm too tight so I always think a hundred times before buying something expensive and then bottle it. Everything has to be a bargain for me to buy it.

If I could trade places with anyone for 30 days it would beMaybe Noel Gallagher. He's the boss.

My favourite outfit ever isThe next thing I buy. I always think if I buy that top/jacket/etc I'm going to be that much happier. Which I am for a day and then I want something else...

Quick fire favourites:

Shoe/trainer brand - Adidas

Jeans brand - Uniqlo 

Best Belts - The thing with belts is I've only ever bought 2 or 3 as they always last so long. Classic Brown leather from M&S and a nylon sporty belt from Uniqlo have always done me good.

If you would like to know more about Andy and his ideas for stylish family living check out Dad&Co

Would love to know what you think and whose fashion style you want to hear more about next. Let me know and comment below


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