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How to Keep your Hotdogs Happy when Flying

As the check-in date looms, don’t panic! Yes, flying with kids does take extra planning but it doesn’t need to be stressful. Phew. Here’s how to keep you Hotdogs happy so you can enjoy the adventure of travel together: 

Booking the right flight

If you haven’t booked your flight yet, let’s start off by helping you book right and ease the pressures from the start! If possible, book flights at your child’s normal bedtime or naptime to increase the likelihood they’ll fall asleep on the flight and cut out the hours they need entertaining. 

It’s also worth researching in to how airlines help family passengers. We’re avid easyJet travellers as they’ve always been fab with us and are well prepared for children. If you’re travelling with children under 5, they’ll board you early and have kids snack packs including puzzles and games onboard too. They’re also supportive of breastfeeding mothers and providing water for baby bottles, warming food etc

A tip for keeping you happy on the flight... Babies and toddler are allowed to fly on your lap up to the age of 2, which is great if you want to keep costs to an minimum. However, depending on your child you may want to opt for that extra seat to remove the worry of disturbing a neighbour, even if you just use it as a space for them to clamber about occasionally or for you to have easy access to their nappy/snack/toy bag. The added space and peace of mind is really worth it

Be prepared with entertainment

Planning plenty of entertainment ahead is key to making your flight a fun one! Luckily there are loads of wonderful brands catering specifically to keep your little explorers happy mid-air. Have a look at: 

PlayHOORAY’s Journey Prompts 

Little Hotdog Watson feature Play HOORAY prompt cards in latest blog about flying with kids

playHOORAY’s journey prompts are packed full of quick and easy play ideas to keep them entertained while travelling - plane, train or otherwise. A lovely compact activity pack to pop in your hand luggage - and great for staying engaged with your kids through the journey. 

My Busy Bots

Little Hotdog Watson feature My Busy Bots in latest blog about flying with kids

For gorgeously designed busy bags that keep them stimulated and help boost development too, look at the fun designs of My Busy Bots. Designed to keep kids entertained at home or out and about, and perfect for inflight entertainment (with a specific travel pack available too).

Keep ‘Em Quiet Pack 

Little Hotdog Watson feature Keep 'Em Quiet in latest blog about flying with kids

For the ultimate travel pack then Keep ‘Em Quiet are famous for their kids bags full of activities for on the go, available for 3 age groups (1-3, 3-5 and 5-10 years). Each packed in a fun drawstring rucksack they can wear about with them.  

Lego, stickers, mini figures, and pens & paper also always go down well. Add the fun factor by keeping all their entertainment a secret in a special ‘plane bag’ until they get on the flight.

Plus, don't be afraid to pack the iPad/tablet - there’s no shame in letting them enjoy their favourite films or shows in peace as you enjoy yours! You’ll have plenty of time for screen-free fun when you arrive. 

Prepare for the unexpected

Spills, sick-ups and “accidents” are more likely when young flyers are tired, over-excited or anxious - which means a spare of clothes to keep the comfy is key. If you've got a baby or toddler in tow, it's always a good idea to pack a spare top for yourself too.  

Plenty of wet wipes in your bag is also a must. Cheeky Wipes reusable cloths are  brilliant for those who want to cut down on disposables. 


Load up on the snacks

Snacks are just as important as the entertainment, so load up your bag. Snacks that require dexterity from younger children (like a box of raisins or snack pouches they have to delve their hands in) will keep them quiet and content that bit longer. 

Soothe on take off/landing

To avoid the discomfort of changes in air pressure, try feeding your baby and offering older toddlers children a drink or sweet to suck during take-off/landing

Ease their anxiety in advance

Flying can be a daunting to a particularly anxious child. The noises, the busy airport, the safety announcements... Ease their fears by role-playing all things airports and airplanes so they have a better understanding of what to expect and talk them things they see and hear as you journey.

Be mindful

The easiest way we can keep them happy while travelling, be mindful together. Stop and really take in your new surroundings: the sights, the sounds, the smells... Another lovely ideas is just to simply get to their level and stop for a hug as often as possible which will help boost their confidence and sense of connection

Do you know anyone flying with kids this holidays? Why not help them out by sharing this blog. 

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