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How To Make Their First Christmas Magical

Whether you’re bringing a newborn home in time for Xmas time of your Little Hotdog is under one and still too tiny to really know what’s going on come the big day, we know how special baby’s first Christmas is! Here’s our guide to making it a magical day for you and for them, without stress or days of prep:

 Baby wearing Little Hotdog Watson Panda Pop Print Winter Hat With Orange Fur

Arctic Cub Panda Pop Orange - £24.99

Be firm in what you want Xmas to look like

Start by stopping to think what a magical day would really look for you and your family right now. Do you dream of a big family get together where you can catch-up with relatives and hand your baby over for plenty of cuddles from everyone else? Or would you rather hide away at home with your new addition and make Xmas a quiet one? This time of year can be full of awkward family politics but try to be firm in what you want during this special time. You will only get one chance to experience their first Xmas together and what you want as a tired new parent is as important as anyone else’s holiday wishes! 

Surround yourself with great people!

Whether you opt to keep Xmas small or you do go for a big gathering, make an effort to keep yourself around great people. People are so much more important than presents on Xmas day! And you deserve to relax and relish their first Xmas fully.

Baby Wearing Little Hotdog Watson Kids Winter Hat in Khaki Pink

Arctic Cub Khaki Pink - £24.99

Take it slowly + be mindful

Once you’ve picked the right company, it’s time to make a plan of how you’ll spend the day. When you’ve got a new baby you can’t be sure how your day will unfold... but you can always be intentional about taking it slowly and putting you and your baby first. Make an effort to take it slowly this Xmas, so you can look after yourself and really take everything in!

If you’ve got other kids excitedly rushing around the house, slowing down will be harder. But even if you do need to be busying around the place (making kids drinks, picking up paper and exclaiming over new toys...) you can always make an effort to be mindful of it all. Really watch those little fingers as they open the wrapping or soak up their gummy smiles as they’re mesmerized by the lights!

Going tech free is another way to make sure you can be as mindful of Xmas magic as possible. Once you’ve done your family skype sessions, turn your phone wifi off and only use it for those Xmas day snaps! Even better if you can lock your phones away for the day and use a digital camera instead... It’s a brave move but guarantees you’ll be more connected to the people right in front of you on Xmas day.

Child wearing Little Hotdog Watson Kids Winter Hat in Space Bunny Print

Arctic Cub Space Bunny - £24.99


Another way to take it easy and make the most of their first Xmas? Make sure you’re delegating all that Xmas admin you really don’t have the energy to do but feel like you must. And don’t be afraid to make shortcuts. Buy the ready stuffed turkey, choose ready prepared veg - scrap Xmas dinner altogether and choose your favourite ready meal if you want! Don’t try and do and be it all because you feel you need to. Newborn life is exhausting and there will be plenty of time for picture perfect Xmas dinners as they grow up! 

Wrap up and get outside

Xmas walks are a real highlight at LHW HQ. If you’re feeling up to it, wrap up and go for a family stroll. Brave the winter chill, breathe in the crisp air, listen to the frost underfoot, or just make the most of everywhere being that bit quieter.

Keep them cosy with one of our kids winter hats from newborn sizes. Each one featuring our signature smart design technology to keep little heads protected in the cold and wet this Xmas. 

Watson Pinkkin - £30.00

We’ve got Arctic Cubs for you too! Take a look at our WATSON Pinkkin sized adult winter trapper hats.  

Have a Xmas nap

Too tired to get outside this year? That’s OK too! Have a Xmas nap and use this as the holiday date it’s intended to be.

Treat them to these faves

Your baby might not be able to open their own gifts yet but we know every new parents wants to treat their little on their first Xmas! If you’re looking for amazing gift ideas we’ve put together our baby and toddler faves below.

Top tip: think ahead to what gifts will last them into toddlerhood!

 Baby Gift Guide

See our full baby & toddler christmas gift guide

For more christmas gift ideas for new babies you might also like our blog: 12 Irresistible Baby Gifts for Brand New Hotdogs

Start your own tradition

Becoming a parent opens a chance to completely rethink how you do Xmas. You don’t have to replay how you did everything as a child (though you might choose to try to recreate your childhood Xmas highlights!). Instead start your own traditions. Here are some suggestions to get you inspired:
  • Wear matching family PJs
  • Take a family photo infront of the Xmas tree
  • Sing carols to family and friends over the phone
  • Open stockings on your bed
  • Have a Xmas themed breakfast
  • Watch a Xmas film and have hot chocolate (with milk + baby snuggles if they’re too little!)
  • Go for a family walk and look for signs Santa has been (reindeer footprints, sleigh tracks...)

Play Santa!

Playing Santa is fun to do even if they are too tiny to understand what you’re talking about! Chat through what you’re doing with your baby, laying out the carrots and mince pies or whatever fun traditions you want to start as you take on the role of Father Christmas.

Go big on the festive lights

A quick tip for the decor when there’s a new baby in the house - go big on the sparkly lights! Fairy lights are a easy way to captivate them when they’re too little to appreciate your carefully coordinated tree. Baby safe decorations are a brill way to provide a sensory, Xmas touch for older babies too! Think giant pom poms or shatterproof baubles.

For more LHW Christmas décor ideas see our Pinterest board:

Pink Christmas Tree with colourful lights and baubles

Read a lot

Reading together is such an important pastime. Great for bonding with your baby and building on their communication skills. Take time to read together this Xmas. There are loads of fab Christmas books to pick from! Visit Little Folk Tales for their suggestions on Brilliant Book this Christmas

You can find more kids book ideas in our blog: 8 Bedtime Stories to Build Confidence 

Try Xmas themed play ideas

If you’re looking for quick and low-cost ideas to keep your baby/toddler occupied while you relax this Xmas, try these wonderfully easy activity ideas from our friend Claire at PlayHOORAY! As an early years expert she’s a pro in coming up with engaging play ideas from babies onwards:

We hope you enjoyed our ‘baby’s first Christmas’ tips! For more magical ideas on how to have mindful fun with your kids and make memories in style, sign-up to the Fresh Air Club and get our inspiring updates. Join now and claim your fun freebie! 


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