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Livraison gratuite au Royaume-Uni


Throughout the season we will add items at a discounted rate. The items may be here as they are perfect but there is only few left OR they may be samples OR they maybe slightly less than perfect.

If an item is a sample or less than perfect it will be listed in the description.

These items are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-EXCHANGEABLE. These are special prices and no other discounts can be used in conjunction with these. However postage in the UK remains free of charge. 

The page will be updated as and when items are available.

Outlet - Arctic Cub: Khaki Pink Hat

RM177.00 MYR RM73.00 MYR

Outlet Arctic Cub Hat: Tiger Pink

RM201.00 MYR RM92.00 MYR

Kids Adventurer Bucket Hat: Denim Blue

RM177.00 MYR RM86.00 MYR

Adults Baseball Cap: Leopard

RM183.00 MYR RM152.00 MYR

Kids Beanie Hat: Rookie

RM122.00 MYR RM61.00 MYR

The Explorer Kids Flat Cap

RM183.00 MYR RM31.00 MYR

Kids Floppy Sun Hat Navigator

RM183.00 MYR RM92.00 MYR

The Trailblazer: Kids Baseball Cap

RM183.00 MYR RM92.00 MYR

Kids Adventurer Bucket Hat: Camo

RM183.00 MYR RM92.00 MYR

Kids Globetrotter Sun Hat: Leopardtude

RM159.00 MYR RM31.00 MYR

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