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10 Back to School Autumn Jackets

It’s September and that means there are two things we can rely on. Un-predicatable weather and the fact it’s back to school (or in LHW case starting school)

So with this in mind here are 10 stylish jackets to get you and the kids through sun-showers and with all the pockets you need to carry the kitchen sink around with you too.

Kids fashionable raincoats

Next yellow rain mac £20

Simple style, water resistant slightly scooped hem at  the back for extra coverage. Available in several colours. Great for a lightweight easy to wear jacket

Child wearing grey and yellow striped raincoat

Beau Loves rain coat £97

Faye at Beau Loves is on fire with her take on a classic rain coat. This is a statement piece underpinned with practicality. Fabric and finish is great and you’ll easily spot this on the coat pegs. 

Pink short kids raincoat

Hunter pink waterproof jacket £80

Classic style in a variety of colours. Quality of fabric is great and this is waterproof so seams are bound for full protection. This also goes up to age 11-12 years

Colour changing kids raincoat in navy

Grass and Air reflective colour changing jacket £26

This has all the bells and whistles you could want. When it rains the sleeves change colour to reveal a lightning bolt print and little reflective details help kids stand out when walking back and forth to school with sizes up to age 10 years great for primary school kids too. 

Child wearing white cool rain coat from Little Creative

Little Creative rain coat £129

There is something so stylish about a see through raincoat and Spanish brand Little Creative don’t fail to disappoint with their take on a traditional master craftperson coat with shaped hem.

Tretorn hooded rain jacket £40

A classic raincoat. There’s so much to like here a) it’s not looking like a typical rain jacket b) the removable hood c) the colour. Don’t get me wrong we all love yellow but why not a beautiful navy for a rain jacket!! Tretorn also have some great adult options too. 

Kids winter hats

And with every great coat you need a hat.

Arctic Cub Ele-folk £26.00

Arctic Cub khaki turquoise £26.00

Children's winter scarves

Voyager scarf orange £24.00

Voyager scarf yellow £24.00


Adults fashionable raincoats

Adults Wings rain coat white £80

At first glance this looks very classic but it also has a little twist. Check out the shape, the beautiful chalky white colour and white buttons. This unisex style is chic without looking overly formal and rolls up easily.

Matte metallic jacket £75

If you want a raincoat from experts there is no better place to start than at Rains. Huge choice for men and women, lots of colours, cuts (modern and classic) plus prices are reasonable. I love this holographic number because a little shine helps the kids to find you in the crowd at pick up time right.


Women wearing high end black rain coat

Arc’tery x Andra coat £420

Ok, ok. This one is pricey. It’s definitely the Ferrari of coats. A Canadian brand with an eye for detailing and testing that is spot on. The fabric, the finish and attention to details around the pockets and fastenings is superior. This is an investment piece and as such the colours in their collections are quite a limited colour palette. But if you are looking for something that can really cope with everything that might be thrown at it day to day then this is for you. *Also mens options available and some slightly less expensive options.

Man wearing printed raincoat

Statement coach jacket from Drole de Monsieur £165

A shorter more contemporary take on a rain jacket. Fun punchy and sure to get the other parents talking. 

Adult winter hats

Don’t forget to check out Little Hotdog Watson’s winter hat range for adults!

Watson Cub khaki yellow £30.00

Watson Cub Navykin £30.00

Let us know what you think and where your fave raincoat is from. Do you invest and buy a classic or go wild for a statement piece.


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