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‘Little Hotdog Watson was born out of a mum’s frustration on a family trip. Today, we’re driven by a passion to protect curious minds while encouraging boatloads of fun & adventure.’

‘We don’t want to be like everyone else. We want to be better. Because kids deserve better.’

Hat Tech

Krakkahúfurnar okkar eru ekki bara fallegar. Þær eru líka leiðandi í snjallri hönnun. Við notum nýstárleg efni og heildræna hönnunarnálgun til að búa til húfur sem eru algjörlega einstakar. Húfur sem leysa vandann. Little Hotdog Watson húfur eru jafn-praktískar og þær eru flottar.

Unparalleled Quality

We take our time with every product. We check, we test, we workshop our pieces. We send them out to real families to let them try them. It means our hats work, fits, and can handle day-to-day life and family adventures. Our attention to detail ensures long-standing performance and peace of mind.

Our Mission

We aim to empower modern families so getting out and about in the fresh air is as easy and stylish as possible – no matter where their explorations take them. From courtyard to forest, playground to meadow, city to beach, we're here to make the every day more stylish and less stressful.

Our Approach

We believe it’s possible to build a business based on creating ethically-sourced, responsibly-made products while paying fair wages. It’s just the right thing to do.

Working with the best fabrics, technologies and people we build long-standing relationships that ensures we know the supply chain inside out.

Snjallri Hönnun

We design every detail from scratch. Our smart design technologies provide extensive protection for young adventurers, whatever the weather. Sun hats that protect from UV, Mosquitoes and Overheating. While our winter hats are water-resistant, reflective and extra warm. And our bold gender neutral prints are exclusively designed by us, for us.

Emma Watson (EIGANDI)

Saga okkar

Þetta var fyrsta fjölskyldufríið okkar með krílinu. Mig hafði dreymt um ævintýri og gaman en við enduðum á því að fela okkur innandyra í skjóli fyrir heitri sól og bitvörgum. Barninu mínu var heitt og það var alltaf að rífa af sér húfuna, sem leit út fyrir að hafa verið hönnuð í löngu liðinni tíð, þegar bleikt var fyrir stelpur og blátt fyrir stráka.

Í þessu erfiða sumarfríi vaknaði hjá mér hugmynd.

Becoming a 'Business'

I’d spent my career developing products for menswear. I knew I could make a better hat that solved the problems parents face.

A hat that made going outside stylish and less stressful. While changing the model from fast pace to thoughtful production.

Based in Norwich, UK we launched in 2016. Since then our family and our hat ranges have grown and we've won a few awards!

As Seen On

Little Hotdog Watson are proud to be trailblazers in kidswear design and we have been featured in The Guardian, Grazia, Mother and Baby, Fy Mag and worn by Mother Pukka, Giovanna and Tom Fletcher, Yvadney Davies, Freddie Harrell and many more.

Winter Hats For Kids

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Sun Hats For Kids + Adults

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