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How to Pack for A Festival with the Family

If there’s one thing you need to do when heading to a festival with kids, it’s be prepared for anything! Here’s what to pack for the madness and memory making which will ensue... 

Dressing for style, comfort and the unexpected 

Childrens glitter transparent raincoat by Childrensalon

Glittery Transparent Raincoat by Billie Blush

  • A raincoat or waterproof jacket 
  • Clothing to layer up including something long sleeved. We’d keep to a monochrome or green & blue colour palette that you can mix and match with and add colour through accessories.

Kids navy cloud glow in the dark t-shirt by Little Mashers

Raincloud T-shirt Little Mashers

Hat: Navigator

  • Sun hats so they don’t get overheated while having fun. Little Hotdog Watson hats feature smart design technology to keep little heads the right temperature, protect against the sun’s harmful UVA + UVB rays and keep bugs away too! Browse our summer hats here.
  • Comfy shoes/sandals We’re loving the summer vibe of these Mini Melissa Beach Sandals.

Kids white naute rainboots from Boxbo

White Mix Boxbo Rainboots

  • Wellies just in case the rain strikes and you get the opportunity for muddy puddle jumping!

Tiba + Marl camo backpack

Elwood Backpack Camo Tiba + Marl

  • Multipurpose bag for day-to-day wear that you can fit all your essentials in. If you’ve got a baby or toddler, opt for a multipurpose nappy bag like a Tiba + Marl wonder... if not, you could go for simple tote or a bum bag. Whatever can hold you emergency parent kit comfortably.
  • PJs with spare tee to layer up if it turns cold

Scout Sunglasses

  • Sunglasses to keep little eyes safe when they’re out in the sun all day. Our Scout shades were designed specifically to provide high levels of protection (and style) for children.
  • A spare set of clothes for everyone! 

Packing for a good night’s sleep

Child camping in Bundle Beds sleeping bag

Sunshine Navy Bundle Beds

  • Bundle bed these are amazing! A complete, compact camping bed you simply roll out in one.
  • Spacious tent so you don’t have to be squashed up too tightly with those wrigglers! Unless you choose the extra cuddles. 
  • Torches and head torches and batteries so you don’t have to be fumbling around in the dark. 
  •  A pop up travel cot. We layer ours with blankets on the base to keep extra snuggly. 
  • A fold up changing mat 
  • A bag to keep baby dirty clothes  
  • A towel especially for the baby 
  • A knitted woolen (natural fibre) hat they can wear at night to keep the heat in 
  • Ear defenders (for if it’s all getting too much for little partiers) 
  • Toys, books or, let’s face it, iPads for chill time in the tent! After all that outdoor excitement you may all need some quiet. 

Campsite cooking 

  • Crockery - We camp a lot so went to the charity shop and invested in some mugs, plates, tongs and cutlery. For under £10 we have a full camp bag ready to go, which makes packing so much easier. 
  • A big pan - for pasta/stews is always good. 
  • Chopping board and good knife - so you can keep your culinary standards up as best possible! 
  • Gas hob burner + gas.
  • Cool box - This has transformed camping for us. Cold beer, butter, cold milk sealed away from bugs makes everyone happy. We have a Coleman cool box. 
  • Kitchen roll and bin bags.  
  • A table that folds flat - it doesn't need a seat, just somewhere to keep food and bits off the ground while prepping. 
  • Tinfoil for keeping things covered and warm. 
  • Cereal - mini boxes or take pegs for a big box. 
  • Endless snacks for the kids to keep energy levels up and diffuse any whining while waiting between events. 
  • Your fave drinks in tins (Gin in a tin, Pimm’s etc) or a wine box 
  • Water canister (this will save you loads on water bottles and is better for the environment) 

Other Essentials 

  • Blanket (picnic blankets are great but also heavy, try one of Etta Loves versatile muslins instead. You can wear it when not in use but use it as a blanket to sit on or let the baby roll about on!) 
  • Antihistamine for any stings or bites... 
  • Saline / saline wipes / cotton wool 
  • Calpol 
  • Paracetamol 
  • Plasters 
  • Bandages and tape - just in case. Always good to get to know where the first aid points are onsite too. 
  • Wipes 
  • Anti bac gel for hands 
  • Toothbrushes with covers 
  • Bags to keep dirty clothes in  

Child carrying Jojo Maman Bebe My Cary Potty Fox

My Carry Potty Fox JoJo Maman Bebe

  • Carry potty for those middle of the night wees...

Getting the kids about 

  • A baby carrier or wrap is crucial if you’ve got a baby or young toddler with you. We highly recommend Baby Bjorn carriers.

Kids pull along festival Toby Wagon in red

  • Pull Along Wagon for the ultimate in festival style and kids fun, keep little explorers from whining with one of these wagons to get them around!

For more fab Festival fashion head to our kids Festival style Pinterest board here - there’s so much to love right now!

Fancy braving a festival this summer holidays with the kids in tow? Read our article on the best family-friendly festivals here - get them started young! 

To discover everything we pack when we go on a family camping trip with the kids, read our camping packing list blog here.

Do you know another family heading to a festival this summer holiday? Share the love and help them out by sending them this packing list! 


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