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I Need This - Ultimate Parenting 101 Book

Each week Little Hotdog Watson will be bringing parents it's top picks for you. Selected from the best of parent run brands from around the world.

Week 1 we are kicking off with the new book 'Parenting The Sh*t Out Of Life' by dynamic husband and wife duo Anna and Matt Whitehouse Farquharson. Or you may well know them as Mother Pukka and Papa Pukka from instagram. They've building a loyal social media following for the last couple of years with their searingly honest accounts of parenthood mixed with a good dose of humour.

Papa Pukka and Daughter Mae championing the Flex Appeal Campaign

Aside from sharing their tales from the front line both also tirelessly champion 'Flex Appeal' the right to work flexibly and the benefits it can offer to employee and employer post childbirth. Find out more here.

Parenting The Sht Out of Life Book, by Mother and Papa Pukka

Their first book tells the tale of the last five years of their lives, taking them from couple to family of one then two children and the roller coaster to get there. Each has written 50% to give both perspectives. Expect witty one liners, belly laughs, tears in abundance and a sure and steady nod of the head to stories that ALL parents can relate too.

Mother and Papa Pukka, Mae and Evie featured on Little Hotdog Watson product review.

If you're pregnant, with child or know someone who is about to become a parent we highly recommend this. Gift it with a big bar of chocolate and maybe a gin too ;)

Available to pre-order on Amazon here £16.99



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