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Packing For Baby’s First Holiday

Your first holiday with a Little Hotdog in tow is a huge and exciting milestone, but it’s natural for it to feel a little overwhelming! Don’t panic, here’s a guide on how to pack for your first trip away with a baby or toddler:

Child wearing The Cub - Banana Split summer hat recommendation for babys first holiday as shown on Little Hotdog Watson blog

Image: @liss_andtheboys

The right buggy

The right travel system is crucial if you’re travelling on public transport or plane. You don’t want to be struggling with a pushchair and separate car seat or dealing with a buggy that won’t fold away neatly. The Doona is an amazing solution for those who will be going from car to airport and need something in which baby can stay sleeping – although you will need to get them out for airport security…

A safe sleep spot

Sleepyhead Pod system babys first holiday recommendation as shown on Little Hotdog Watson blog

Image: @sleepyheadofsweden

Perhaps it’s stating the obvious, but your baby is going to need somewhere safe to sleep. Check with your accommodation to see if a travel cot is provided or you’ll need to pack your own. If you usually co-sleep, think about whether you need anything else to do this safely – the Sleepyhead co-sleeping nest has fab reviews. 

Pushchair/Car shades

Protect little eyes from the sun and create a space for naps with a pushchair snooze shade and don’t forget a stick-on car window shade if you expect glorious weather.

Baby sling recommendation for babys first holiday as shown on Little Hotdog Watson blog

Image: @JacSays

Baby carrier/sling

Holidays are a time for adventure. Free up your hands with a baby carrier or sling that you can safely transport your baby in when going off the beaten track. If you haven’t yet got a baby carrier yet, it’s always best to try out as many as possible in store (or at your local sling library) so you can get a design that works for you and your baby.

Sun cream

Look for waterproof sun creams which have at least a four-star UVA rating and will protect your baby even if they’ve been enjoying a splash.

The Pioneer summer hat in pineapple punch from Little Hotdog Watson as shown on Little Hotdog Watson blog

Image: @littlehotdogwatson

Protective accessories

And of course, don’t forget extra protection from the elements. Our sun hats have UV protection and in-built mosquito repellent to keep nasty bugs away while your kids are enjoying the sunshine.

*If you're going somewhere colder, our winter hats have thick insulation, reflective details and, on the Arctic Cub, ‘rain away’ water resistant fabric to keep your kids protected on those drizzlier holiday adventures.

Jungle Book Zippys from Bonds Australia recommendation for babys first holiday as shown on Little Hotdog Watson

Image: @bondsaus

Change of clothes

Expect the unexpected with a change of clothes not only for baby but for you too! You never know when you might encounter a spillage, leak, or sick-up…

Tissues/toilet paper

And with those sick-ups and spillages in mind, tissues are always good to have on hand.

Feeding kit

Think about what gizmos and gadgets you need to keep your baby fed on the go. Pack plenty of formula and the right bottles or make sure you have your breast pump and storage bags (if you’ll need to express). Bibs and/or muslins in the hand luggage are a must too.



Nom Nom kids snack recommendation for baby's first travel as shown on Little Hotdog Watson blog

Image: @nomnomkids

Where would we be without our emergency snack supply? If your travelling with a toddler, you’ll need lots of extra snack portions at hand to both cover hunger pangs and act as the occasional distraction when travel is getting too much.

Make healthier snacks more appealing by packing reusable snack pouches like these from small biz Nom Nom Kids. What is it about delving into a little bag that toddlers love so much fun? 


Pack as light as possible by choosing a few multifunctional toys. A cuddly which can both comfort and provide entertainment as a puppet, a few building blocks which can be played with or gnawed! Avoid noisy toys that you’ll want to prise off them… The great thing about travelling with a baby or toddler is that entertainment can be found in the simplistic of things if you engage them by exploring new sights, sounds, and textures together.

No judgement if you add digital entertainment into the mix. Let’s be real, it’s all about balance.

Portable highchair/booster

If your baby can sit up, you may like to take a portable highchair or booster seat. Even if your accommodation provides a highchair it’s always a nice option to have for those holiday meals out.

Owner of Little Hotdog Watson enjoying a holiday with her daughter as shown on Little Hotdog Watson blog

Safety essentials

There’s nothing fun about the safety essentials but packing these sort of things does provide peace of mind. Think about whether you’ll need:

  • A first aid kit
  • Baby monitor
  • Nightlight
  • Thermometer
  • Calpol, teething gel etc
  • Stair gate

If you’re considering a self-catering holiday, then you may be lucky and find most of these things are provided for you. Hooray for packing lighter! Here are few family-friendly holiday providers to consider:

iEscape Kids Collection | Tots to Travel | Baby Friendly Boltholes | French Loaf


Save on case space by packing with mix and match in mind. Pay attention to whether things can be layered. Layering as more space saving and is more effective at keeping your baby warm. Roll everything in your case to utilise space.

Popping a lightweight laundry bag in your case is a must too - this way you can keep any dirty washing separate on your return journey and make the post-holiday mega-wash much easier.


Does your baby have a blanket or cuddly they NEED to sleep? Pop them on your packing list, pronto.

Changing essentials and toiletries

Whether you go disposable or cloth nappies, make sure you pack enough for your stay or you may find yourself forking out unexpectedly. Wipes and your favourite skin products are a must too. That way you can be sure your baby is using the products you know work well with their skin.

Kokoso Baby Skincare recommendation for babys first travel as shown on Little Hotdog Watson blog

Image: @kokoso_baby

We highly recommend Kokoso for a gentle skincare product which suits multiple uses. This gorgeous coconut oil can be used as a nappy cream, moisturiser, eczema soother, and on bites and irritations.

You may want to pack plenty of swim nappies too. These can be harder to get hold of when you’re abroad. 

Don’t forget the paperwork!

Passports. Boarding Passes. Train tickets. Travel Insurance… Go over your itinerary again and store all paperwork in a wallet or folder you can slip and out of your hand luggage with ease.

The URBO bag recommendation for babys first travel as shown on Little Hotdog Watson blog

Image: @tibaandmarl

Take a look at Tiba and Marl for incredible bags which make the perfect travel companion for baby paraphernalia and all the important travel stuff!


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