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A Guide to Keeping Bug Bite Free

Keep those pesky bugs and mosquitoes away on your holiday adventures. Here’s our guide on how:

Know when and where bugs are about

Reduce the likelihood of insect irritation by being aware when they’re most likely to be around to bite! Mosquitoes are most active at dawn and dusk, black flies are often about in the late afternoon and early evening.

You can also help keep the kids bug bite free by avoiding places where little biters tend to congregate. Be cautious about them exploring flower beds, piles of dead leaves and through bushes.

When eating outdoors, try to keep food and drink covered so as not to invite unwanted buzzy guests!

Dress to protect

Pic: @mamacan.hypnobirthing Shop our Tropical Leaf hat  

Lightweight, loose clothing that covers up as much as possible is the best way to keep those bugs at bay. Not always possible when you’re having fun on the beach or hitting the swimming pool.

At Little Hotdog Watson, all of our summer hats have inbuilt Buzz Off smart design to help protect your Little Hotdogs whatever they’re doing. Buzz Off is our inbuilt mosquito repellent which lasts up to 30 washes - or equivalent sea / pool soaks.


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Use bug repellent properly

Here’s how to use bug repellent properly whether you pick a spray or cream:
  • Always read the directions on the package.
  • Apply to your hands first, then rub on your child’s skin or, where possible, apply directly to their clothes. Spray the end of sleeves, trouser hems, socks, and insects will avoid nearby skin.
  • Do not put near eyes, mouth or on their hands.
  • Avoid any scratches, dry skin or rashes.
A couple of bug repellents worth taking a look at are Vie Healthcare Spray Mosquito Repellent and these mosquito bug patches.

Pack a bug net

Pic: Walmart insect net.

Bug nets are brilliant at keeping out insects so you can relax. For bedtime comfort, Safariquip do a huge range of insect nets for your travels. While babies and toddlers can be kept protected in the pushchair with a universal insect net from Boots or if you're from the US shop it at Walmart. It can also fit onto carry cots and playpens.


Try a bug repellent candle

If you want an added confidence boost on holiday, try this anti-bug travel candle from Mrs Whites. It comes in a handy pot so you can pack it into your suitcase and light of an evening when you want to ward off any bugs in your bedroom. It switches the typical citronella smell for a calming mix of citronella, lavender and cedar wood.

Sprinkle cinnamon

Cinnamon is another scent known for keeping bugs away. Try sprinkling cinnamon in your child’s sandpit or around any entry points for ants and other crawling bugs. For a full list of natural bug repellents to try around your home, there’s a great list here. 

Skip the scented skincare

Unscented skincare can not only be better for baby skin, it also ensures you’re not piling on any tempting fruity fragrances that bugs will be drawn too. But do check out the Nivea body cream. The french legion have been wearing it as a deterrent for years.

Dealing with bug bites

When those sneaky critters manage to take a bite, here’s how to deal with it:

  • A cold or bath compress can decrease the itch and reduce swelling

  • If you can see a stinger visible in skin, remove by gently scraping sideways with a fingernail or piece of card

  • If your little one needs more relief, try aloe vera gel or these Aloe Vera plasters
  • The vitamins and minerals found in aloe vera  help to reduce pain, swelling and itching (always the worst bit for kids!) and can also help speed up healing.


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