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How to Keep Your Children Cool and Comfortable this Summer

Getting your children outside is so much easier when the sunshine breaks through. Hooray for long, hot summer days! The only catch – our Little Hotdogs need extra attention to keep them safe and happy in the heat. Here’s how to be sun smart and keep them comfortable:


Keep them hydrated

Little Hotdog Watson talk about how to keep cool this summer

Pic Credit: @zipandzoe

Keep your kids happy and hydrated by offering them more water and juice than usual. When they’re having fun in the sun you may need to prompt them more often to get them to drink before they say they’re thirsty (when dehydration has already started). We love these fun drinks bottles by Babymel to make keep their water nearby more appealing.

Another fun way to up fluid intakes – lots of ice fruit pops! They’re super easy to make from fruit juice, watermelon, or flavoured waters.

Dress right

Prevent your child from getting overheated by dressing them in a single layer of light colour breathable clothing. This leads to less sun absorption and lets your child sweat - a natural way to help them cool down. 100% natural fibres (like cotton or linen) are best for letting skin breathe and keeping cool. 

Look out for the sign for UVA and UVB protection

It’s important to remember that covered skin doesn’t necessarily equal protected skin. Not all fabric offers consistent protection due to the weave or knit of some fabrics being more open or loose. Look out for labels that clearly show when an item provides UVA and UVB protection. 

Keep an eye on the time

The sun is strongest between 11am and 3pm. Take extra care around this time and look out for shading spots they can retreat and take a breather when those rosy cheeks suggest they’re getting too hot!

Cover little heads 

Little Hotdog Watson talk about how to keep cool this summer

Shop our summer hats now! 

Little Hotdog Watson’s summer hats have been specifically designed for exploration under the sun – our smart design includes crucial UPF50+ protective fabric with heat adjusting ‘Goldilocks’ design - to keep them protected from harsh UVA and UVB rays and stop them getting clammy. Read all about our Smart Design summer hats now.   

Use plenty of sunscreen

For skin that’s not covered up, don’t forget plenty of high factor sunscreen (SPF 30-50). The best parent approved sunscreens here in the UK include: Garnier Ambre Solaire Kids Anti-Sand Spray SPF 50 (clear, water resistant and quick drying) and Solait Kids Roll-on SPF 50 (great for kids who are determined to apply their own).

Choose UV protecting swimwear

Little Hotdog Watson talk about how to keep cool this summer

Pic Credit: @beanieandbear   

Keep their water-based play protected too this summer, with UPF50+ swimwear. We love the vibrant and playful designs of Beanie & Bear.  

Plus, Little Hotdog Watson hats are suitable for pool and ocean wear too. Our ‘buzz-off’ in-built bug repellent protection lasts up to 30 washes or equivalent soaks.

Don’t forget sunglasses

Little Hotdog Watson talk about how to keep kids cool this summer

Shop our shades now   

Little eyes are more sensitive than adult eyes and need extra protection when playing out in the sun. As with summer clothes, not all sunglasses offer the highest levels of sun protection. Many cheaper brands of kid’s sunglasses only offer the basic level of protection and the UV protection is a coating which when scratched or worn off means little eyes are exposed to UVA and UVB rays.

Our ‘The Scout’ Panda Pop print shades have UV400 protection inherently within our scratch-proof lens. They also feature anti-glare and super strong flexible arms.

Pack a spritz

One super quick way to cool them down? A spritz of cold water to the skin. If you’re going to have a particularly long car journey, a little spritz bottle in your bag can be a fun and cooling way to keep them quiet – turn and spray! A real-life saver for hot and stuffy pregnant ladies too.

Soothe sun burn

Little Hotdog Watson talk about how to keep your kids cool this summer

Pic Credit: @kokoso_baby  

If you or your child gets caught out in the sun this summer, don’t forget the after sun. Kokoso Baby coconut oil is a little miracle cream for so many uses and soothing after sun is one of them!

Refresh before bedtime

Bedtime can quickly turn into a nightmare when their too hot. Help achieve a calm start to the evening by giving them a slightly cooler bath than normal.

Keep the paddling pool out

For garden/courtyard playtime, have the paddling pool on hand with just enough water to sit in and splash when they need to cool off. 


Use a summer proof baby carrier

Little Hotdog Watson talk about how to keep your kids cool this summer 

Pic Credit: @babyktan  

Keep your newborn Hotdog safe and comfortable this summer with a breathable cotton baby carrier like a Baby K’tan wrap. Perfect for strolls along the beach or holiday explorations. 

What are your must have products to get you through summer? Let us know in the comments.

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