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7 Kids Magazines to Encourage & Inspire Your Hotdogs

It never gets old, watching your child walk to the till with a magazine in their hands, grinning from ear-to-ear knowing the fun that awaits! When you can’t get outdoors, a good magazine is a fab alternative to screen time - and a great accessory on train trips or picnics too. Here are 7 brill kids magazines you might not know about:

The Loop

The Loop Kids Magazine as recommended on Little Hotdog Watson blog

For curious kids between 8-12 years, The Loop magazine is only published a few times a year but is packed full of engaging content to stretch their imagination and to extend their creative thinking. Thought-provoking images and important topics (the plight of bees, modern art, feminism!) make this a magazine which is great for opening discussions with your kids - and so stylishly done.



Okido Kids Magazine as recommended on Little Hotdog Watson blog

Designed for preschoolers to age 8, OKIDO has a focus on science and arts - linked to the Cbeebies show OKIDO but with much more style than a Cbeebies magazine! This one comes full of experiments, creative prompts, things to cut out and stick as well as stories, poems and colouring pages. The artistic presentation of this publication is more like an illustrative book. Good for supporting Reception and KS1 level learning.

National Geographic Kids

National Geopgraphic Kids Magazine as recommended on Little Hotdog Watson blog

Another one for Hotdogs between the age of 8-12, National Geographic Kids is exciting and playful with its content geared towards the world around them. Packed full of insight into wildlife, nature, history and geography with lots of lovely photography and easy to digest facts and figures presented in a way kids can understand. This mag comes out once a month. The weird and wacky ‘did you know?’ section is particularly fun - get ready to heard your child proudly quoting these snippets back to you!

Story Box

Story Box Magazine for kids as recommended by Little Hotdog Watson blog

Storybox magazine is a fun and novel way to introduce your kids to reading aside from their book collection. Each mag has 54 pages and provides a book-length read aloud with amazing illustrations and words from top authors from across the globe. Each magazine includes all sorts of different genres from fairy tales to adventure so you can expose your Hotdogs to different themes and characters. Each month comic strips that deal with science, the animal kingdom and endearing heroes children can identify with are also included.



Dot Magazine for kids as recommended by Little Hotdog Watson blog

Dot a quarterly magazine aimed at boys and girls under 5 (and their style conscious parents!). This gorgeously illustrated mag is ad-free and full of content to help encourage children to learn through play. It embraces all that childhood is and will help your children to be resourceful, think creatively and have fun!



Whiz Pop Bang

Whizz Pop Bang Magazine for kids as recommended by Little Hotdog Watson blog

Science needn’t stay in the classroom! Whizz Pop Bang is a brill magazine that brings science home and engages children from 6-12. Parents are sure to have fun joining it with everything too. Bursting with facts, experiments, interesting news and other sections to inspire creative thinking and spark their imagination. Lots of quizzes, puzzles and jokes too - as well as interviews with real life scientists.



Aquila Magazine for kids as recommended by Little Hotdog Watson blog

For a super intelligent read for older inquisitive Hotdogs (age 8-12 years), have a look at AQUILA magazine. Full of challenging puzzles and interesting articles that all the family will enjoy chatting over. Science, history, art, general knowledge - it’s all covered. And it’s another really beautifully designed and illustration option too.


Are there any magazines you love to give your children aside from the TV themed options (which let’s face it, are always a hit too)? Do share your recommendations over on Instagram!

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