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Fresh Air Stories: Emma aka Finlay Fox

In LHW Fresh Air Stories series we are meeting with Suffolk resident Emma Paton and blogger behind the family and style blog Finlay Fox she also does a regular FinlayFoxShops feature on her instagram bringing you all the key looks and how to wear/re-style you're existing pieces
Emma Paton blogger for Finlay Fox wearing green dress

Hello Emma....can you tell us a little about yourself and where’s home?

I’m 38 and live with my 2 kids Finn (6) and Violet (4) in Suffolk. I run a fashion and lifestyle blog and instagram called Finlay Fox.

Emma with her children

wearing Pioneer and Cub Banana Split

Tell us about your relationship with travel...are you a long haul or close to home kinda gal?

Well I lived in Singapore when I was little so I’m definitely used to long haul flights and exotic holidays - Bali, Thailand and Malaysia were regular holiday destinations in my own childhood. Personally I love long haul destinations but not so much with young kids due to travel time and jet lag. However I have learnt how incredible staycations and Europe holidays are, we have so many amazing things so close to us that it has been nice discovering them more whilst the kids are young.

Close up of Emma Paton blogger behind Finlay Fox blogs

How has the type of travel changed since having kids?

We have been doing most of our holidays closer to home - driving to France, short flights to Spain and also plenty of staycations in Norfolk, Suffolk and Scotland. When the kids are young there is so much stuff you have to take with you so having a boot you can cart everything around in helps. Although they are getting older now and it is easier to travel much lighter! We have done a couple of trips to Antigua in the Caribbean now with them too which they love, so much colour and turquoise seas.

Emma and Vi in Norfolk

 Adventurer  Hat Tropical Leaf

As a family is there anywhere that you really want to take the kids, and why?

Yes I really want to do a California road trip including Disneyland! I did it with my family when I was about 8 and it holds the best memories! Plus America is so child friendly, it’s definitely on our list to do in a few years. Such an iconic trip.


What’s the most unusual place you’ve visited?

Probably Tresco in the Scilly Isles just off the coast of Cornwall. When the weather is good there you can’t imagine you are just a stones throw from England. They have the most beautiful beaches and sub tropical gardens too. No cars are allowed and everyone has a bike, it’s such a unique and idyllic destination.

Vi at the beach

 Sun Hat Pioneer

Where is the place you would happily return to again and again and why?

Bali. It is just the most beautiful and spiritual place. The food, colours, holds a special place in my heart and I would love to go with the kids and husband one day. In fact it’s where I want to go for my 40th... fingers crossed!

Let’s talk family trips... What bag do you take for a day out and what’s in it?

For a day out I have a Tiba and Marl pink rucksack which carries a lot whilst being super practical.

Aside from the basics what do you always travel with with kids?

Hats and sunglassses, smints, colouring pens and sketchpads.

Emma Paton aka Finlay Fox with her children at a theme park

Emma, Finn and Vi at Peppa Pig World

Sun Hat Cub Banana Split + Navykin

How do you make it homely, get the kids settled while you are away?

We always unpack when we get there! I find it makes it feel more homely knowing your stuff is tidied away safely. Also having a night light, teddy and blanket comforter helps for my kids too.

You have an unlimited travel budget for 24 hours? Where do you go and why?

I would love to go to Soho Farmhouse or back to Babbington House - the ultimate in understated luxury stays!!

Best travel experience with kids?

Swimming in the sea in Antigua.

Finn on a family beach holiday

 Cub Banana Split

Worst travel experience with kids?

Going on a big group holiday with a 4 month old Violet when all the other kids there were 5 years plus. Being on such a different agenda with a new baby was super challenging!

Pool with child lying by the side of it

Quick Fire

Favourite Restaurant?

Any of Ottolenghi’s places

Favourite travel resource on the web?


Where would you like to retire to?

By the sea

Most luxurious place you have ever stayed?

Babbington House

Where is the best pizza place?

It’s not the best but I always love Pizza Express, the ultimate comfort place!

Most romantic place you have ever been taken to?

We did our honeymoon in Argentina and Buenos Aires was such a romantic place for me.

Last for travelling with kids?

I-pads /tablets/ Peppa Pig save lives!


Finally, you’ve got an exciting year ahead what can we expect to see coming up with Emma Paton?

Emma Paton leaning on a sign

Hmmm a re-brand and another product collaboration is in the pipe line. Some nice travel - close and further afield, plus plenty more styling videos and outfit inspo!!

Check out Emma's blog here:


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