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How To: Protect Newborn and Tiny Baby Skin This Summer

It’s wonderful to get outside with your newborn baby. Soaking up the sunshine, introducing them to the sound of birdsong and watching as they try to focus on the trees above. Here’s how to keep their newborn skin protected on their first explorations this summer:

Be careful with sun exposure

The first step to keeping precious newborn skin safe: keep an eye on sun exposure during the day. Babies under 6 months should avoid direct sunlight particularly around midday when the sun is hottest.

Use the right sunscreen

Little Hotdog Watson talk about how to keep your newborn safe this summer

When your baby is outdoors, that young skin needs extra protection. Opt for a high a factor sunscreen that has a trusted reputation. Boots Soltan SPF 50+ Range has an excellent status for its 5 star protection which keeps out both UVB and UVA rays (the latter of which can cause lasting skin damage). If you want to find out more about skin protection parent blogger Susie Verill did a brilliant article on sun protection here.

Sunscreen should be reapplied at least every couple of hours or after your baby has been in water, even if the lotion is waterproof.

Dress them in close weave clothing

For areas not protected by sunscreen, close weave clothing provides an additional barrier. Unlike loose weave clothing, tightly woven materials make it harder for UVA and UVB rays to get through. If it’s particularly hot out, you’ll also want to pick loose fitting, natural materials (such as 100% cotton) to best keep your tiny Hotdogs cool.

Pop on a hat

Little Hotdog Watson talk about their tips on how to keep your newborn safe this summer

Pic: @evakruiperphotography


Keep little heads safe with a UVA and UVB filtering hat. Traditionally, babies would be best suited to a wide-brimmed hat to shade face, neck and ears but at Little Hotdog Watson all our hats offer full protection with our baseball style Cub hats having additional roll-down ear and neck coverage!

All our kids and baby sun hats are also packed with smart design features to keep them extra comfortable in the sunshine, such as UPF50+ protection, Buzz Away in-built bug repellent and Goldilocks fabric to help prevent overheating.

Take a cabana

Little Hotdog Watson talk about their tips on how to keep your newborn safe this summer

Whether you’re heading beachside or taking to the garden, a pop-up cabana shelter or pod is a brilliant way to help keep baby cool and protected in the sunshine. Not only are they great for screening sun rays, they’ll also come in handy as windbreaks and provide a safe space for newborns to lie while you enjoy a moment being able to use both hands!

This pop-up tent from bbgg Baby at KIDLY can be used for both babies and older Hotdog, and it folds up in a neat carry case.

Lay down a muslin

Little Hotdog Watson talk about their tips on how to keep your newborn safe this summer

When you don’t need a full-on shelter, we highly recommend an oversized muslin rolled up in your baby bag. Muslins are super multifunctional in the early days and make a quick and easy blanket when you want to give your baby a kick about while keeping newborn skin protected from grass, sand etc

These extra-large sensory muslin squares from Etta Loves are simply gorgeous.

Use a gentle body wash

Little Hotdog Watson talk about their tips on how to keep your newborn safe this summer

Newborn skin deserves the best and there are plenty of expertly produced baby skincare products on the market - each claiming to give your baby a soft and gentle start at bath time. Harry & Rose baby bath and skincare products have been loving created by mum Alba, each product is dermatologically tested and free from Parabens, SLS/SLES, Dyes, Mineral Oils and Fragrance Allergens - making them a fab choice.

Help skin stay moisturised

Little Hotdog Watson talk about their tips on how to keep your newborn safe this summer

Another popular skin-protecting purchase for any newborn parent - a pot of Kokoso Coconut Oil. This gorgeously soft organic coconut oil can be used as a multi-purpose baby care product, designed to help baby skin moisturised and eczema free. Kokoso is so much more than a moisturiser and has had rave reviews as a nappy cream, massage oil, and even grown-up hair mask!

Found this blog helpful? Why not share it with an expectant friend to help them prepare this summer? Or browse our store and pick a safe and stylish baby sunhat now.

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