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I Need This - How to Keep The Kids Entertained While Travelling

What’s tiny, fits in your pocket and will keep your little ones entertained for hours? The answer is Play Prompts from PlayHooray! Their latest offering from educational specialist and mum Claire Russell is the Journey PlayPrompts. Each card is designed to build on children’s imaginations and to use the things around you to create an interesting activity / discussion / game.

Little Hotdog Watson talks about Claire Russell owner of PlayHooray! 

The Bristol based business launched in 2016 PlayHooray and is already a firm favourite with parents and celebrity fans like Giovanna Fletcher. With it’s newest and 6th range the play prompts offer an affordable and fun way to stimulate your child. If you’re ever stuck for ideas they are the ones for you. From the original 100 card pack, to outdoor play, party packs and even early years.

 Little Hotdog Watson talks about PlayHooray! Play Prompt Cards

We use ours all the time and love them. Have you got them already? What do you think? What’s been your favourite range so far?


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