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I NEED THIS: Tiba + Marl Folding Nappy Mat Clutch

Metallic silver clutch changing mat from tiba and marl as featured on little hotdog watson blog

It’s not always practical to lug a huge nappy bag about, even if you do bag yourself an ultra cool one (like the Elwood Backpack). Thankfully, nappy changing geniuses Tiba + Marl also do this real sanity saver – their folding nappy mat turned clutch! This multi-functional accessory has a removable super soft fleece mat and multiple zip pockets - designed to keep all baby changing items in one place. 

Also available in snake skin, black, flora and camo. The mat is machine washable on delicates at 30 degrees, which is always handy. 

If you don’t fancy the clutch, we highly recommend getting a standalone foldable mat to go inside a larger changing bag. Tiba + Marl do a simple no-pocket folding mat too. And all of their nappy changing rucksacks come with a folding nappy mat inside as standard. 

Find out more about the T+M Nappy Mat Clutch here. 


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