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LHW Hospital Bag Packing List

When H was born it was all a little rushed... We actually arrived in flashing lights with none of our carefully prepared bags with us! This meant when we did eventually bring stuff to the hospital it really was the key stuff. We also really missed what we missed out.

Here’s what I’ve recommended to friends since and what I’ll be taking this time around. It includes the practical, the comforts, and some slightly unnecessary nice-to-haves that will make you feel human again!


  • Loose comfy PJs or Nightie with buttons for easy feeding access // Hummingbird Print PJS - Their Nibs have gorgeous ones that also look great on pics. If you want a cheapie pair then H&M mama also have a casual set for the first couple of days: 
  • Big dressing gown  ideally super soft and with pockets like this one// Unisex Hooded Robe - The White Company 
  • Slippers // Baboosha Slippers as tested by Finlay Fox plus some more affordable and still fun options on Emma's blog
  • Anything comfy! // Cashmere Joggers - White Stuff UK  treat yourself to natural supersoft fabrics
  • Couple of vests, because you probably won’t want a bra on at first // Tibea Feeding Vest 
  • A wrap or a muslin // Etta Loves muslins these super size ones are lovely and soft great for swaddling or having an extra blanket/cover while feeding.
  • Comfy shoes!  that you can slip on easily without too much bending// Nike Cortez trainers 
  • Super big cosy jumper, be comfy and tell the world you are awesome and you did it in this ace sweater from - MuthaHood 

Personal Niceties

For Baby

  • Little knitted hat // Dots Hat - Organic Zoo 
  • A couple of baby grows that are a little bit fun and 100% cotton for first pics. Here's a few of our faves from independent brands // Wild Hearts Wonder   // Tobias and the Bear  // The Bright Company PJS alongside this buy a basic white multipack of rompers/socks/vests. Mothercare and most supermarkets will do these. These are your practice ones for leaky nappies!!
  • Cellular blankets (the knitted ones with holes in) are good for hot or cold weather // Satin edge blanket - The White Company 
  • Big coat or a thick onesie for taking outside we love this awesome one from Finger in the Nose in metallic for a more budget friendly option this one from Mothercare is also super snug
  • Nappies obviously - if you are want to go eco-friendly then Baba Boo and Eve are a wonderful company. 
  • Cotton balls (lots of them)
  • Changing mat. We had a foldable one. Best purchase ever.
  • Small bowl to put water in to clean tiny bottoms!
  • Nappy bags


If we had to pick one changing bag to recommend, it’s got to be Tiba and Marl rucksack! Better for your back, amazingly cool and comes with a portable changing mat. 

Practical / Medical

  • Breast pads - disposable or washable to stop you feeling soggy
  • Sanitary towels - or tena lady knickers (or both)
  • Big knickers - bigger the better! Think bigger than Brigitte Jones. M&S have some great options: 
  • Soft tissues / haemorrhoids wipes. Definitely not sexy but important to have just incase!
  • Paracetamol - take some with you. If you have to wait to have them prescribed half an hour can feel like forever...
  • A liquid medicine to help you go to the bathroom post birth
  • Flannels - a couple of flannels in hot water placed on your chest will feel like bliss and help prevent mastitis when milk comes in

Other essentials for your hospital stay

  • Straws or cartons of drink like a Ribena so you can quickly have a sip and get some energy. You probably won’t want to eat but a sugary drink will help. // Reusable Copper straws - The Kitchen Gift Co 
  • Take your own pillow and blankie for you - it’s a small comfort that makes everything feel nicer // Maternity Pillow - Dream Genii 
  • Wireless earphones and music so you can zone out and still move around // Headphones - Beats
  • Portable phone charger in case you are not near a plug
  • A snack box - things you usually really fancy!

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