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Picnic Ideas for National Picnic Day

Summer is approaching and in celebration of National Picnic Day on June 18th, what better time to pack up a delicious basket of treats, grab your Little Hotdog Watson hat and head outside for a picnic with the whole family.

We've got plenty of inspiration from the perfect picnic spot to tasty snacks!


Watermelon Lollies

Buy some watermelon and cut them into slices. Cut a small slit into the skin of the watermelon and place a ice lolly stick inside. A healthy, fun lolly and essential on a refreshing hot day!

Watermelon Ice Lollies - A Quick and Easy Recipe


Simply get a wrap, spread hummus, cheese or any of your favourite dips down the centre of it and pile with your Little Hotdogs favourite filling. Ideas include chicken, sweetcorn, grated carrot, pepper, tuna, lettuce, etc. Wrap it up and either cut in half or into smaller bite-size pieces. A great way of getting lots of vegetables into your children in a fun way.

Fruit Skewers

Make these up or take the fruits and let the children stack their own! All you need is your favourite fruit and a skewer!

Cornflake Cakes

Everyone loves a crispy chocolate cornflake cake, whatever their age. Get the whole family in the kitchen to make these simple bites. Follow this quick and easy recipe here.

What to Pack:

Little Hotdog Watson Hat

With the days getting hotter it is important to be wearing your Little Hotdog Watson hat on your adventures this Summer! Available in a range of different colours, patterns and styles there's a Sun Hat for everyone. Shop Now.

Picnic Basket

You can take picnics in practically any large bag or box. Just make sure you can fit your essential items in such as plates, cutlery, drinking glasses, food and of course your Little Hotdog Watson hat!

Picnic Blanket

You will need a sizeable blanket to ensure there is enough space to lay out your food as well as space for everyone to sit down and stretch out post-meal. A water-resistant picnic rug is especially handy if you’re not sure the ground will have quite dried out enough since the last rain shower!

Where to go:

A picnic can be enjoyed anywhere, whether that's in a park, in the middle of the countryside, by the sea, or even in your back garden! Find the best spots here.

Go plastic-free on your picnic! Try to take reusable drinks bottles, food containers, plates and cutlery. If there are any leftovers at the end of the picnic, make sure that you take them home with you. 

We hope you enjoy this National Picnic Day! Don't forget to tag us @littlehotdogwatson if you take any photos of your little ones wearing their Little Hotdog Watson Hats - we love seeing what you get up to!


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