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9 Steps to Filling This Year with Adventure + Fun

Here are our top tips on filling this year with as much adventure and quality family time as possible:

Practice being present

One of the simplest (and yet often hardest) ways to fill your year with more fun and adventure? Be more present to what’s already going on around you. Modern life is always trying to pull us away from the truly important things, so make 2021 the year to get back to what’s important. Put the phone down more. Unplug the wifi. Make it your plan to stop and soak up the little stuff on a daily basis - however fleetingly. Watch the way those little hands and feet work as they master the playground or slow down on the school run and help your kids spot birds and squirrels on the way home. Being present takes practice, but the more you say no to distraction the easier it becomes.

Be intentional

You know how it goes: “The days are long but the years are fast”. It’s so easy to let weeks turn into months and the fun you’ve been meaning to prioritise doesn’t materialise. Be intentional this year and get some non-negotiable adventure days in the diary! Why not get the kids involved and ask them to write a list of ideas or help you create a vision board of where they’d like to go and what they’d like to do with you this year?

 Boy on Swing wearing Little Hotdog Watson Banana Print Flat Cap

Explorer Image: @journeyof_maisonmorgan

Add more silliness

With tech down, you and your kids will have the opportunity to let the moment take you on all sorts of adventures, real and imaginary. A great way to get them started - add more silliness in to the day to day. Try suddenly speaking to your children in an accent, getting on the play equipment yourself, or initiating the next game of tag. Kids love it when we start engaging in their own language - play! 

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Boost their confidence 

Anxiety is a real fun killer. Meaning the more you can boost your child’s confidence the more joyous adventure you can have together. There are a number of ways to boost a child’s confidence, but the main focus should be on working together, valuing where they are at, listening to their fears/feelings and being ready to encourage them as the try new things! Read our blogs for more ideas:

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Arctic Cub Pinkkin Image: @this.kid.10

Get outdoors come rain or shine

How often do you let the weather dictate if you’ll have fun? So easily done, especially when you have children. But it’s definitely possible to have fun as a family even if it’s not warm and sunny outside. Make 2019 the year you get out more and embrace all sorts of weather.

The key is being imaginative and working with your kids to make even the cold explorations fun.That and making sure they’re kept warm and dry. Our hats can help keep them protected in style whatever the weather. Browse our kids hats now or find out more about our smart tech design features to keep the comfortable and safe.

Can’t get them outside today? Try our list of fun indoor activities for kids.

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Let them be boss

It’s a tricky balance, trying to encourage our child’s independence while setting limits. Which is why kids love it so much when they’re given control over something usually saved for adults. How can you let your kids be the boss this year in the name of adventure? How about asking them to pick what you do for a day over the weekend? Or going on a walk together and letting them take the lead to see where you end up?

Book a getaway

No matter how much adventure you manage at home, there’s nothing like going on a family break! We love staying away, whether it’s camping locally or going on a longer getaway abroad. If you haven’t booked a holiday for the year yet, now’s the time to start dreaming and scheming to give yourself something to look forward.

For UK based holiday ideas try our blog: 7 Destinations For A Family Staycation or for hot and dreamy resorts see our post: Top Five Desirable Family Getaway Location.

Arctic Cub Sophisticat Image: @izakorsakphotography

Make a day of it

Scheduling in more fun days out is a brilliant way to get more adventure in the diary. We love outdoor day trips visiting forests/woodlands, national parks and nature reserves, National Trust and English Heritage sites with their amazing castles and grand gardens to run about in. For indoors adventure exploring city museums is a must too.

For more ideas, the Telegraph published an extensive list of UK attractions to take your kids to before they turn 16 which is definitely worth a read.

Don’t forget about you

Us parents need to have fun too. It’s so easy to forget our own needs for fun and adventure when we’re busy looking after our bold young explorers. Have a think about how you can squeeze in a little more ‘me’ time in this year -whether it’s alone, with your partner or with friends. Here are some ideas to bring grown-up fun into your year:

  • Take walks on your own with your fave music / podcasts
  • Spa day or retreat
  • Go bowling / crazy golf
  • Have a murder mystery party
  • Go to the theatre / concert
  • Try geocaching
  • Stroll a museum / gallery without child distraction
  • Book a really fancy meal
  • Try a new exercise / dance / yoga class
  • Build a fort in your lounge and watch films from it
  • Start rocking painting or yarn bombing
  • Book a hotel night alone and enjoy quality sleep and a long bath
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