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Love Month Challenge Week Three: Love Your Family

Little Hotdog Watson Arctic Cub Hat in Moose Wave 


We're already into week three of Love Month, and we hope you've been enjoying it as much as we have! From kitchen discos and googly eyes to tree hugging, there's been so much fun to be had. Please keep tagging us in your posts on Instagram and Facebook! We love to see what you're up to and how you've been taking on our Love Month challenges!

This weeks Love Month is all about loving your family. Family comes in many shapes, sizes, and forms: all that matters is the love! Take some time to appreciate the special people in your life, and show them how much you mean to them through these fun activities. The best times to be had are just with the people you love, spending quality time together no matter how small. 

So just have fun, mix up the challenges if you like and make them work for you. It's all about having a go and adding a bit of love to your everyday!

Wednesday: Prep Day!

Get ready for the week by gathering any bits and bobs you might need for the first Love Week, and talk through all the different things you'll be doing this week. You could discuss what different families might look like, and why loving your family is so important. 

Bits and Bobs for Week 1

  • Pen and Paper
  • A game all the family love, or some toys
  • Toys and Clothes you might want to donate
  • Hot chocolate or any favourite drink 

Image via Instagram @Emma_Giacalone_Textiles



Start this week off by sharing with your loved ones three things you love about each other. Often what people love about us can be surprising: is it something that you hadn't considered before? Take a chance to talk through what your answers were, and why they're important. The written notes are a lovely keepsake for you to carry with you, whenever you might need to remember what the little one in your life loves about you.  


Get out your favourite game you play as a family and play together for 30 minutes, completely interrupted with no phones. Games are a lovely way to connect and bond with your loved ones in a way that's very low pressure; there's always something to talk about and laugh about. Just thirty minutes without other distractions will get you chatting and having fun, and hopefully creating some fun memories. 

Image via Instagram @AnnaKovecses


Go for a walk with your little ones with no specific purpose other than being out in the fresh air together. For twenty minutes just hold hands and chat, walking and enjoying each others company. Holding hands might seem a simple thing to do, but it can create a sense of reassurance and decrease stress. 

Often we might feel as though we need to have a purpose for a walk, to visit someone or to go to the shops. But just being out and moving is enough of a reason to go! In week one of Love Month we were looking at loving where you live, and this combines loving your environment with spending quality time with your loved ones. Walking along together can also stimulate conversation with little ones, and you might be surprised how much they say or open up on a walk together. 


Looking for more fun outdoor activities? Check out our blog on Ten Fun Winter Activities!

Little Hotdog Watson Arctic Cub Hat in Pinkkin and

Arctic Cub Hat in Cinnamon with Blue Fur


Share the love! Take some time to look at your clothes, toys and books with your little ones, and consider what you still use. There might be other family members, friends or charities that would love the things that you don't use or have grown out of. You could discuss how important it is to share, and to be grateful for the things you have. 

Take the opportunity to do a little bit of sharing: we can often get overwhelmed by a big task of "decluttering", but the concept of just sharing the love a little can take the pressure off. You can love something but know how much joy and pleasure it'll give someone else on its new journey! 



Get up early and wrap up warm, in all your best snuggly clothes! Get a hot chocolate or your favourite warm drink and head out to see the sunrise. Enjoy the quiet and being together and seeing the sun rise. You could combine this challenge with the first task of the week on Thursday, and as you watch the sun you could list things that you love about each other, or what you're grateful for.  


Don't Forget Your Hat! 

Our hats are made with a water resistant outside, and a special thinsulated inside to keep little ones cosy and dry, so they can concentrate on doing what they do best: adventuring! Our winter hats also come with a reflective piping to aid visibility on darker days. You can check out our range of winter hats for children and adults here!


Image via Torufukada.Com


Make a happy plan for the week ahead: talk about all the things that you can do together that make you happy. From the simple things, you could plan to start each day with a cuddle, have a five minute dance break, or visit your favourite park. Once you start to list all the things that make your little ones happy, you'll see how many things there are and how small they can be.  You could try doing this at the start of any week, making room for little bits of happiness sprinkled all through your week. 


That's another week of Love Month wrapped up! We hope you enjoy showing the people in your life how much you love them with our fun challenges and activities.  

Love planning ahead? Here is the full four weeks of challenges to download.


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Emma Watson, Owner, Little Hotdog Watson

After growing up in the North-west of England, Emma’s love of travel and style saw her career move to London with a fashion + business degree,  first working as a trend researcher then menswear buyer for some of the most famous stores in the UK. 


In 2015, having had her first baby she moved to Norwich to explore a family life closer to beaches and the countryside. Becoming a parent she found herself in a world of kidswear that didn’t look good or perform for the type of fresh air fun as a family so she set about creating her own brand. Little Hotdog Watson was born in 2016. The summer and winter hats for kids and adults, jam-packed with innovative protective technology have gone on to win awards, grace the pages of magazines, like Vogue, Grazia, Independent, Mother and Baby and celebrities alike. 


Emma had another daughter in 2019 and became a lecturer in Fashion and Business at Norwich University of the Arts.  She continues to design hats at her dining room table and share her passion to help families get outside more and explore the world. Here is one of her favourite outside blogs; 15 games adults will love playing with kids


Email her anytime at; or find her on Instagram.


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