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Do kids and babies need to wear hats?

We're Little Hotdog Watson, and we make cool, fun hats for kids. In this blog we're exploring the reason's why a hat is a must have item for your little one.

Hats are a great way to top off a cute outfit but a great hat can actually do so much for children. Here we explore the 10 benefits and why choosing a great  kids hat can actually improve your family time together.


toddler on beach playing with toy in pastel baseball cap

Little Hotdog Watson Kids Baseball Cap in Multi Colour 


The number one benefit of wearing a hat

Hats for children can keep them safe and happy when out and about in rain and shine. Ultimately, we want the little ones in our life to be able to focus on what they do best: get out and about in nature, explore the world around them and have fun! Wearing a hat can allow them to do just that, protecting them from the elements and making the outdoors more comfortable and enjoyable.

Outdoor play for little ones has a huge range of benefits, boosting confidence and developing fine and gross motor skills. During the colder months, it can be so tempting for us all to hibernate until spring. Outdoor play allows for children to burn off energy and boost mood, particularly during a season they may be getting less vital vitamin D. 


Why Should Children Wear Summer Hats?

Summer fun with your little ones shouldn't be ruined by sunburn, feeling overheated and grumpy, or batting away mosquitos all day! Keeping cool and comfortable will allow kids to keep out and about and enjoy all the adventure that summer outdoors has to offer! 

Sun Safety: 

We all know how harmful the suns rays can be, especially for little ones with more sensitive skin. Even on cloudy days, children should be wearing an SPF of 50+ to protect them from the sun. UPF clothing can provide extra protection, especially on particularly delicate areas that catch direct sunlight, such as the scalp. 

Our range of summer hats provide a UPF rating of 50+, which protects little ones from harsh UVA and UVB rays and 

A hat with a neck flap, such as our Little Hotdog Watson Kids Cub hat, provides extra protection for little ones on summer days, especially for newborns and babies under 6 months who can't wear SPF cream. 

Check out our blog for more information on safe hat wearing for babies, both in the summer and winter. 

Keeping Cool:

For little ones, their heads can operate as their main temperature regulator. So on a hot summers day, keeping their heads cool and comfortable keeps them happy: leaving them able to enjoy themselves outdoors as they should. 


Little Hotdog Watson Adventurer Bucket Hat in Panda Pop

and Little Hotdog Watson Scout Sunglasses



As well as sunglasses, such as our very own Little Hotdog Watson Scout sunglasses as pictured above, hats are a great way to protect little ones eyes from the suns rays. Baseball caps, or brimmed hats in general, are perfect for kids playing sports during the summer. 


Wearing a summer hat made from light, natural fabrics such as cotton are super comfortable for little ones to wear all day long. Man made fibres aren't as efficient as regulating temperature or staying cool and comfortable.  

Our range of cool summer hats for children also provide protection from mosquitos, with an in-built ‘Buzz Off’ repellent which lasts the equivalent of 30 washes. Allowing your little one to get out and adventuring without any little creatures ruining the fun!


Little Hotdog Watson Kids Arctic Cub Hat in Panda Pop and 

Little Hotdog Watson Voyager Scarf in Yellow 

Why Should Children wear Winter Hats? 

Keep warm:

Keeping warm and toasty is a sure fire way to keep little ones happy during the winter months! Children and babies are more susceptible to the cold than grown ups, and a lot of heat can be lost through the head. So a hat can keep the cold out, especially on a windy day. A good rule of thumb is to dress little ones in one more layer than you would normally wear in the winter to keep them nice and snuggly. 

Trapper style hats, like our Arctic Cub range, feature ear flaps that can be fastened under the chin, protecting ears from the elements. Our arctic cub trapper hat style can also have the option of flipping the ear flaps up, to take you through transitional weather.  


Dark days and cloudy skies are all a part of winter! A bright, funky hat can keep your little one visible as they play in the park, or are on the school run. Our range of Arctic Cub winter hats come with reflective piping, which aids in keeping little ones safe and more visible on darker days. If children are gaining more 

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Little Hotdog Watson Ultimate Hot Dog Beanie Hat

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Emma Watson, Owner, Little Hotdog Watson

After growing up in the North-west of England, Emma’s love of travel and style saw her career move to London with a fashion + business degree,  first working as a trend researcher then menswear buyer for some of the most famous stores in the UK. 


In 2015, having had her first baby she moved to Norwich to explore a family life closer to beaches and the countryside. Becoming a parent she found herself in a world of kidswear that didn’t look good or perform for the type of fresh air fun as a family so she set about creating her own brand. Little Hotdog Watson was born in 2016. The summer and winter hats for kids and adults, jam-packed with innovative protective technology have gone on to win awards, grace the pages of magazines, like Vogue, Grazia, Independent, Mother and Baby and celebrities alike. 


Emma had another daughter in 2019 and became a lecturer in Fashion and Business at Norwich University of the Arts.  She continues to design hats at her dining room table and share her passion to help families get outside more and explore the world. Here is one of her favourite outside blogs; 15 games adults will love playing with kids 


Email her anytime at; or find her on Instagram.


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